October 2, 2016

Ms. Jakia Sultana Jothi

Ms. Jakia Sultana Jothi

Assistant Professor

Department of Food Processing & Engineering,
Faculty of Food Science and Technology,
Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Chittagong-4225, Bangladesh
Mobile: +8801723189496
Email: juthi.engg.bau@gmail.comJs.jothi-dfpe@cvasu.ac.bd


Jakia Sultana Jothi successfully completed the B.Sc. and MS in Food Engineering under the department of Food Technology and Rural Industries from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Currently she is enrolled as a Ph.D student in the Department of Applied Biofunctional Science and Technology, Hiroshima University, Japan.

 She joined as a Lecturer in the Department of Food Processing and Engineering at Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) in 2013.Currently, sheholds a position of Assistant Professor in the department of Food Processing and Engineering at CVASU, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Jakia Sultana Jothihas extensive experience with engineering aspects of food processing in order to improve the quality standards and ensure food safety through introducing better management in the sector. Her role is to support and maintain the University’s national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research activities. She has worked widely in development and innovation, lecturing, student support, conducting seminars, curriculum development and teaching practices.  She has published articles on new product development, food quality, food toxicology, food nutrition and public health arenas. She organized seminar, symposia, consultations, awareness campaign, comprehensive training etc. She enjoys reviewing with utmost care, transferring knowledge, networking, teamwork, exchange of good ideas and participating in collaborative projects; she is one of reviewers on the online journal JSR.Her research interests are mainly in food toxicology, food quality control, food Safety and security. 

Journal Publications

1) Jothi, J.S.andUddin, M. B., 2014. Detection of Heavy Metals in Some Commercial Brands of Noodles, European Academic Research,II (8): 10667-10679.http://euacademic.org/UploadArticle/1097.pdf

2) Azam M.S., Rahman M.R.T., Lou Z., Tang Y., Raqib S.M., Jothi J.S., 2014, Review: Advancements and application of immunosensors in the analysis of food contaminants, Nusantara Bioscience, 6 (2): 186-195. http://biosains.mipa.uns.ac.id/N/N0602/N060212.pdf

3) Islam M.S., Jothi J. S.,Zubair M. A. and Islam M., 2014, Antioxidant and Physico-Chemical Properties of Litchi Honey Procured from Gazipur and Tangail District, Bangladesh. Journal of Entomology and Zoology 2 (5):  207-211. http://www.entomoljournal.com/vol2Issue5/pdf/35.1.pdf

4) Jothi, J.S., Islam M., Islam M.S., Rahman M. R. T. and Akther S., 2014, Development and shelf-life prediction of pineapple (ananascomosus) preserve and candy, International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research, 10 (1):77-82.http://www.ijisr.issr-journals.org/abs.php?article=IJISR-14-218-08

5) Islam M., Jothi J. S., Habib M. R. and Iqbal A., 2014, Evaluation of nutritional and sensory quality characteristics of pumpkin pies, International journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology, 1(07): 1091-1097. http://ijetst.in/ems/index.php/ijetst/article/view/293/284.

6) Islam M.S., Jothi J. S. and Islam M., 2014, Nutritional Status of Rural and Urban Under-Five Children in Tangail District, Bangladesh, International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies,8 (2): 841-848.  http://www.ijias.issr-journals.org/abs.php?article=IJIAS-14-216-05.

7) Jothi, J.S., Hashem, S., Rana, M. R., Rahman M. R. T. and Shams-Ud-Din, M., 2014, Effect of Gluten-Free Composite Flour on Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties of Cracker Biscuits, J. Sci. Res. 6 (3): 521-530.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/jsr.v6i3.16531

 8) Jothi, J.S. ,Karmoker, P. and Sarower, K.,  2014,Quality assessment of mixed fruit squash: physico-chemical analysis,  sensory valuation and storage studies, J. Bangladesh Agril. Univ. 12(1): 195-201.http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/jbau.v12i1.21412

 9) Jothi, J.S., Sultana, A. ,Monju, M.B. and Shams-Ud-Din, M. ,2013,Utilization of Gluten-Free Composite Flour In Sweet Biscuits: Physico-Chemical And Organoleptic Properties, JAE40(1): 55 – 65.

10) Jothi, J.S.and Uddin, M. B., 2016, Are public perceptions precise towards the status of quality and safety of commercial brands on noodles?Ukrainian Food Journal.(Accepted).

11) Anka, I.Z.,Jothi, J.S.,Sarker, J.,Talukder A. and Islam, M.S.,2016, Growth performance and survival of guppy (Poeciliareticulata): different formulated diets effect. Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. 2(3) (Accepted).

Published Book

Islam M.S., Islam M. and Jothi J. S. , 2014, Food glossary (A Hand Book for Food Engineering, Food Technology, Food & Nutrition and Agro processing Terminology) (Edited Books), Kabco Press and Publications, Dhaka, Bangladesh. ISBN: 984-8486-26-1.

Conference Paper

Oral Presentation

1) Jakia Sultana Jothi  and M. Burhan Uddin, “Commercial brands of Bangladeshi noodles: the status of quality and safety based on public attitude”, Proceedings of the5th International specialized scientific and practical conference in Resource and Energy Saving Technologies of Production and Packing of Food Products as the Main Fundamentals of Their Competitiveness,Kyiv, Ukraine,September 14, 2016 .

 2) Jakia Sultana Jothi*, IshratZahanAnka, Shaharior Hashem, ShamsulMorshed and Md. Kauser-Ul-Alam, “Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in edible fish muscle of marine fish samples collected from different market in Chittagong”, 12th Annual Scientific Conference 2015 in Building  Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy: A Livestock-Fisheries-Food Industry Interplay, Chittagong, Bangladesh,March 21 – 22, 2015.

Poster Presentation

1) Jakia Sultana Jothi*,Shaharior Hashem and Monirul Islam, “Development and shelf-life prediction of pineapple (ananascomosus) preserve and candy”, 11th Annual Scientific Conference in Emerging Challenges in Food Health and Environment, Chittagong, Bangladesh, March 6, 2014.

 2) Jakia Sultana Jothi*,Shaharior Hashem and M. Shams-Ud-Din, “Utilization of Gluten-Free Composite Flour in Cracker Biscuits: Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties”, 8th CIGR International Technical Symposiumas conference in Advanced Food Processing and Quality Management, Guangzhou, China,November 3-7, 2013.

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