September 25, 2016

Dept. of Agricultural Economics & Social Science

Department of Agricultural Economics & Social Science

Faculty Members

Dept. Head

Ms. Shahnaz Sultana


Professor &


Dept. Head




Mr. Md. A. Halim






Associate Professor

Ms. Meherunnesa Chowdhury Sumy


Associate Professor


Ms. Musammet Rasheda Begum


Associate Professor



Assistant Professor

Mr. Sohel Rana


Assistant Professor



Tasneem Imam


Assistant Professor



Mr. Abdul Rahman


Assistant Professor



S. M. Mokaddes Ahmed Dipu


Assistant Professor


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To contribute to nation-building through research, higher education and extension in livestock and agriculture sector

Our Mission

  • To produce socially responsible and competent graduates by providing quality tertiary education

  • To provide state-of-the-art extension services to the farmers and agripreneurs by conducting need-based research and bringing innovation in the livestock and agriculture sector

  • To accelerate rural development through agro-industry development

Message from Department Head

For more than two decades, CVASU has been educating and producing quality graduates who become the asset of the country and lead the society. A CVASU student embarks on a lyrical blend of education and research to be a pioneer – academically, socially, personally and professionally.

In this connection, from its own scopes, Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences (AES) facilitates the academic, social, and personal development opportunities and resources to help the students to be a competent graduate.

Professor Shahnaz Sultana

Head of the Department

Departmental Teaching

This Department offers below courses in undergraduate programs in all the three faculties of the university.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Communicative English (ENG-101)
  • Rural Sociology and Anthropology (RSA-101)
  • Biostatistics (BST- 202)
  • Livestock Economics and Marketing (LEM-302)
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management (EBM-401)
  • Agricultural Extension (AEX-402)

Faculty of Food Science and Technology

  • Communicative English (ENG-101)
  • Statistics (STC-302)
  • Marketing of Food Products and Business Management (MFP-401)
  • Leadership and Food Entrepreneurship Development (FED-401)
  • Extension Communication Management (ECM-401)

Faculty of Fisheries

  • Communicative English (LAN-102)
  • Statistics (STA-201)
  • Fisheries Economics (FEC-202)
  • Rural Sociology (RSO-301)
  • Agribusiness and Marketing (ABM-302)
  • Fisheries Extension (FEX-401)

1)Digital English Language Lab

The department operates a highly interactive digital English language laboratory which is a dedicated space for English language learning. Here, students have access to different audio-visual materials for their language development.

2) Agricultural Economics and Social Science Lab

This lab has all arrangements e.g. round discussion tables, multimedia, desktops and internet connection for conducting group-based teaching activities.


Person In Charge

External/Public Services

Internal Services

1. Promoting the invented technology to the farmers in the field level

1. Conducting the alotted courses in Graduate and Postgraduate programs

All Faculty Members

2. Providing consultancy and traning to the farmers and the agripreneurs

2. Conducting research and extension activities


3. Supervising the research activies of the Internees and the Master's Program


4. Coordinating offered courses and related examinations and evaluation

Departmental Head

5. Planning and coordinating for Research Extension

1. Sohel Rana, Assistant Professor

2. S M Mokaddes Ahmed Dipu, Assistant Professor

6. Providing consultancy and traning to the farmers and agripreneurs

1. Professor Md. Abdul Halim

2. Professor Shahnaz Sultana

3. Meherunnesa Chowdhury Sumy, Associate Professor

7. Counselling and motivating the students

All Faculty Members

8. Statistical analysis and scientific writing for research

1. Musammet Rasheda Begum, Associate Professor

2. Tasneem Imam, Associate Professor

3. Abdul Rahman, Associate Professor