September 25, 2016

Dept. of Food Processing & Engineering

Department of Food Processing & Engineering

The Department of  Food Processing and Engineering was established in 2009 with the mission to produce graduates who are well equiped with knowledge and skills that are required to undertake a variety of responsibilities in the area of post harvest technology, food processing, food preservation and engineering. Studies in the Department of Food Processing and Engineering are planned to reinforce the engineering background and put emphasis on the use of fundamental principles in solving problems associated with food processing industries as well as other post-harvest operations of raw materials from plant, animal and marine sources. It provides the students with comprehensive training in the introduction, development and use of techniques for post harvest handling, storage, processing and preservation of animal and plant produce on a farm as well as on an industrial level.

Faculty Members

Dept. Head

Ms. Shireen Akther


Assistant Professor &


Dept. Head



Assistant Professor

Mr. Md. Kauser-Ul-Alam


Assistant Professor




Ms. Jakia Sultana Jothi


Assistant Professor




Ms. Afroza Sultana


Assistant Professor




Mr. Abdul Matin


Assistant Professor


Message from Department Head

You are cordially welcome to read and to know more about the Department of Food Processing and Engineering. As a head of the department, I would like to lay out the welcome-mat for the pupils to apex their carrier in the respective strain of life. Our academic staff members are well trained and experienced in a wide variety of relevant disciplines. We participate not only in teaching, but also in research, consultancy and outreach programmes.

We welcome applications for admission into our M.S programmes on Food Processing and Engineering. We are always ready to receive research ideas as well as requests for collaboration in research from industry, community groups and other stakeholders. Our staff members are also well versed in consultancy work and the department is therefore ready to offer consultancy services.

I feel a great sense of both excitement and responsibility in leading this department, for the fact, it has pivotal issues such as energy, new products development, food safety and quality assurance, healthcare and manufacturing. We cordially invite the students who wish to be admitted in our department for undergraduate and post- graduate program.

Please feel free to contact the Head of the Department for any information.


Best wishes

Shireen Akther

Course Curriculum

Bachelor Degree Courses Offered 

Sl. No.Subject CodeSemesterName of Subject Credit
1.FFE102Fundamentals of Food Engineering2+1
2.TFP201Technology of Food Preservation2+1
3.UFP201Unit Operations in Food Processing2+1
4.BCT202Baking and Confectionary Technology2+1
5.PDL202Food Plant Design, Layout & Management2+1
6.CLT202Cereal and Legume Technology2+1
7.FSF301Fish and Sea Food Technology2+1
8.FVP301Technology of Fruits & Vegetable Products2+1
9.FBT301Food Bio Technology2+1
10.FPT301Fish Processing Technology2+1
11.TCS302Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Spices Technology1+1
12.RAP401Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Food Processing2+1
Total35 Credits


MS Degree Courses Offered  

January- June SemesterCourse CodeCredit
Name of the courses
A. Compulsory Courses (4*2 =8 credits)
1. Advanced Food and Industrial MicrobiologyAFM-501(2+0)
2. Food Additives, Contaminants and ToxicologyFCT-501(2+0)
3. Food Machinery DesignFMD-501(2+0)
4. Advanced Dairy EngineeringADE-501(2+0)
B. Elective Courses (Any two, 2*2=4 Credits)  
1.  Computation and Modeling in Food IndustryCMF-501(2+0)
2. Advanced Technology of plant food productsATP-501(2+0)
3. Novel Separation TechniquesNST-501(2+0)
4. Food IrradiationFID-501(2+0)
5. Engineering ManagementEMM-501(2+0)
6. Food Process Engineering Laboratory (Practical)FEL-501(0+2)
Semester Total
July – December Semester  
A. Compulsory Courses (4*2 =8 credits)  
1. Advanced Technology of Animal productsATA-502(2+0)
2. Advanced Unit Operations in Process and Food EngineeringAUP-502(2+0)
3. Novel Food Processing TechniquesNFP-502(2+0)
4. Fermentation and Food BiotechnologyFFB-502(2+0)
B. Elective Courses (Any two, 2*2=4 Credits)
1. Nutraceuticals and Functional FoodsNFF-502(2+0)
2. Risk assessment and International Food LegislationsRFL-502(2+0)
3. By- product Utilization and Waste Treatment in Food IndustryBUW-502(2+0)
4. Packaging and Storage TechnologiesPST-502(2+0)
5. Heat and Mass Transfer in Food ProcessingHMT-502(2+0)
Semester Total
Research Semester  
1.Research work 08
2. Thesis evaluation 05
3. Thesis defense 03
Semester Total 16
Grand total 40
Departmental Teaching

This department offers 12 courses (35 credits) for the student of faculty of Food Science and Technology at under graduate level. Food Processing and Engineering department also provides MS degree (1.5 years, thesis based) on Food Processing and Engineering. At present 13 MS students are enrolling in this department.


Other than teaching and research activities, this department also involved with diversified activities which are listed below

1) Celebration of World Food Day every year and arrangement of Food Fair

2) Exhibition of newly developed modified food processed in our laboratory

3) Fund collection from different national and international organizations

4) Arrangement of regular meeting, seminar etc.

5) Collaborative activities with national and international institutions