October 27, 2016

Directorate of Students Welfare

Directorate of Students Welfare



Message from Head

The Office of Student Affairs has the overall responsibility for student's welfare and student life on campus. It provides you with various opportunities to foster your intellectual and personal growth, to develop and improve in your overall educational experience at CVASU and make friends from different cultures. You are strongly encouraged to participate in the diversity of students’ activities organized by office of Student Affairs and to expand your horizons outside the class rooms through exposure to social, cultural, career development, recreational and governance programs.

CVASU ensures that every convenience is provided to enable a smooth, stress-free campus life where students can single-mindedly focus on their education, helping them transform into confident and competent medical and health professionals.

As a complement to the academic programs, CVASU provides social, cultural and entertainment avenues for students to showcase their extracurricular talents. The University also arranges academic and general counseling as well as career guidance.

The activities of the student services are planned and implemented by the Office of Student Affairs with cooperation and collaboration of Student Council, students, faculty and staff.


Dr. Mohammad Mejbah Uddin
Director (Students Welfare)

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