October 25, 2016

Dr. A.K.M Saifuddin

Dr. A.K.M Saifuddin


Department of Physiology Biochemistry & Pharmacology,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Telephone:+88 031 659093 ext: 107
Mobile: +88 01813309788
E-mail: saifuddincvu@yahoo.com


Professor Dr. A.K.M Saifuddin received the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and MS in Pharmacology from the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Thereafter, he received postgraduate training in animal reproduction from the University of London, UK. He received further postgraduate diploma training on farm animal Radiology from the Azabu University Japan, Copenhagen University, Denmark, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, UK. He was awarded the Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Chittagong.

Academic Qualification

Name of Examination Years Attended Name of Board /University
PhD in Microbiology 2008 University of Chittagong.
M.S. Veterinary Science in Pharmacology 1987 Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh.
(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
1986 Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh

Journal Publications

1) M A. Awal, A.K.M. Saifuddin (1994). The effect of long term exposure of Anthio on serum esterases and ruminal microorganism of male calves. Veterinary Human Toxicology,36(3): 199-2002

2) A.S.M. Hannan, M. Mostofa, M.A. Hoque, M.A. Alim and A.K.M. Saifuddin (2003). Efficacy of ivermectin against naturally occurring gastrointestinal nematodes and ectoparasites of sheep, Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science, 32 (1&2): 39-45.

3) M.A. Hoque, H.M Salim, G.K Debnath, M.A. Rahman and  A.K.M. Saifuddin (2003). A study to evaluate the artificial insemination (AI) success rate in cattle population based on three years record among different sub-centres of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 6(10): 945-947.

4) S.K.M.A. Islam M.A.Hoque, M.M. Hassan, M.R Alam, M.B Hossain, K. Roy, T. Ferdueshy, S. A. Khan, A.K.M Sifuddin (2006). A cross-sectional study followed by a Field Trial of Combination of Triclabendazole polus Levamizole and Combination of Sulphonamides Against Gastrointestinal Parasites and Coccediosis of Goats Respectively at Wireless Colony, Pahartali, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Pakistan Journal of Biological Science (Accepted Article: 245-PJBS-2K6).

5) M. Rahman, M.S.I Khan, D. Biswas, B.C Sutradhur, A.K.M. Saifuddin (2006). Pygomelia or supernumerary limbs in a corossbred calf. Journal of Veterinary Science (J.Vet. Sci. (2006), 7 (3).

6) Estimation of the occurrence of Upward patellar fixation in buffaloes under sadar upazilla of Patuakhali District, Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Veterinary Journal (Accepted for 2001/19 (1) issue.

7) M.R. ALam. N.G. Gregorg. A. Silva-Fletcher. A.K.M. Saifuddin. ASM. L. Ahsan. Welfare issues during animal transport and slaughter in Bangladesh

8) M.A. Hoque, A.K.M. Saifuddin and M.A. Rahman (2004). identification and quantification of risk factors associated with infectious bursal disease in commercial poultry under some selected area of Chittagong district, Tenth Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education and Research, ASCON-X, 6-7 January, pp. 40-41.   

9) A.K.M. Saifuddin, M.A. Hoque, M.R. Alam, M.A. Rahman and  M. M. Rahman (2004). Measurement of the frequency  of the diseases and disease conditions of dogs with their diagnostic tools used based on pet practioner’s data from Dhaka and Chittagong, tenth Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education and Research, ASCON-X, 6-7 January, pp. 24.

10) Alam MR, Gregory NG, Uddin MS, Jabbar MA, Silva-Fletcher A, Kempson AGC and Saifuddin AKM. Frequency of heat stress in cattle and water buffalo at livestock markets in Bangladesh. Journal of Commonwealth Veterinary Association 26: 13-17. 2010.

11) Mohammad Yousuf, Mohammad Rashedul Alam, Amir Hossan Shaikat, Md. Shohel Al Faruk, A. K. M. Saifuddin, A. S. M. Lutful Ahasan, Kamrul Islam and S. K. M. Azizul Islam (2016). Nutritional status of high yielding crossbred cow around parturition. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. Vol 3 No 1, Pages 68-74.

12) Kibria ASMG, Awal MA, Mostofa M, Saifuddin AKM,  Alam MR and Asgar MA. Detection of ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin residues in broilers of Chittagong.  International Journal of Bioresearch, 2(12): 33-35. 2009.

13) Islam SKMA, Hoque MA, Hassan MM, Alam MR, Hossain MB, Roy K, Ferdueshy T, Khan SA and Saifuddin AKM. A cross-sectional study of triclabendazole plus levamizole and combination of sulphonamides against gastrointestinal parasites and coccidiosis of goats. Bangladesh Journal of Livestock Research, 16 (1&2): 92-96. 2009.

14) Islam SKMA, Ahasan ASML, Chanda GC, Alam MR, Saifuddin AKM, Sultana S and Hassan MM. A study on productive and reproductive traits and periparturient events of mare reared at intensive farm condition. Bangladesh Journal of Livestock Research, 14 (1&2) 104-110. 2007.

15) Rahman MM, Alam MR, Ahmad N, Hasim MA and Saifuddin AKM. Comparative Effects of surgical and chemical methods of caponization on body weight and certain blood values in birds. Bangladesh Veterinary Journal, .36: (1-2):27-29. 2001.

16) Islam MJ, Al-Amin, Shaikat AH, Chowdhury S, Imtiaz MA, Hassan MM, Saifuddin AKM, Doyle R, Regenstein JM and Alam MR. Welfare assessment of animal during slaughter and its economic impact. Proceedings of the 12th Annual Scientific Conference in the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chittagong, Bangladesh 21-22 March, pp. 30-40. 2015.

17) Alam MR, NG Gregory NG, Jabbar MA, Uddin MS, Chowdhury S, Saifuddin AKM, Debnath NC, Arafat MY and Silva-Fletcher A. Welfare of cattle and water buffalo at livestock market in Bangladesh. Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Scientific Conference of the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chittagong, Bangladesh 4-6 March, pp. 94-113. 2008.

18) Alam MR, Gregory NG, Silva-Fletcher A, Saifuddin and Ahasan ASML. A Study of Welfare issues during Animal Transport and Slaughter in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Veterinarian. 24: 87-97. 2007.

Post Graduate Awards

Name of Examination

Subject University


Radiology, 1995 Azabu University, Japan
Poultry Disease Diagnosis, 2007

Copenhagen University, Denmark

Post Graduate Taining



Short Training -3 Months

(RVC) Royal Veterinary College, University of London, UK.

Intern Training -1 Month

(MVC), Madras Veterinary College, Tamil Nadu University of Veterinary & Animal Science, Madras, India.

Other Professional Taining

Training Name


Foundation Training at Officer’s Training Institute (OTI), Savar, Dhaka.

May 12 to July 10, 1993

Successfully completed training courses on Administration Divisional Extension and Office Management and Communication offered by the Officer’s Training Institute (OTI) Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

June 17 to June 24, 1997

Office management training offered by Graduate Training Institute (GTI)_, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh.

March 12 to March 25, 1986

Higher training on Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at Central Veterinary Hospital, Dhaka.

April 01 to June 31, 1992

Japanese Language Course 2 months from language institute, Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

October 1994 to November 1994

10 months Japanese language Course from International Student Center, Fuchinobe, Sagamihara, Japan.

May 1995 to March 1996

Employment Record

Director (Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) 2016-till date CVASU
Dean 2 Years Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (CVASU)
Director (External affairs) 1 Year and 5 months and on going CVASU
Professor of pharmacology 6 Years and on going CVASU
Head of the Department 5 Year 3 Month 14 Days As head of the Department Physiology, Biochemistry & Pharmacology, CGVC
Hall Provost. 2 Years CGVC
Director, Student Welfare 7 Years 4 Months CVASU
Director, T. Vet. Hospital/ Internship 2 Years CVASU
Associate Professor 4 Years 7 Months 7 Days CVASU
Additional Vet. Officer 7 years Central Veterinary Hospital Dhaka.
Veterinary Surgeon 3 Years Central Veterinary Hospital Dhaka.

Administrative and Decision Making Position


Faculty Committee; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 


Syndicate, CVASU.

Finance Committee, CVASU.

Academic Council, CVASU.

Advance Studies & Research (CASR)

Board of Governor (Poultry Research & Training Center),

Admission Committee, Since 7 Years Pahartoli Degree College Governing Committee.

Bangla Academy, Dhaka.

One world one Health Bangladesh chapter

Internship Coordinator

Veterinary Undergraduate Internship Development Programme.


Development of South – Specific Integrated Veterinary Undergraduate Curriculum. 

Participation of International  Congress and Workshop

World Veterinary Congress (Japan).

Commonwealth Veterinary Congress held in Bangladesh

Congress of Japan Society of Veterinary Science held in

Japan/3rd Annual meeting & workshop, 2002 of South Asian Zoo.

Association for regional co-operation held in Dhaka. (6- 11 October 2002. World Poultry Science Association Congress.

Membership of Professional Societies

1) Life member, Bangladesh Veterinary Association (BVA).

2) Member, Bangladesh Krishibid Institution.

3) Member, Bangladesh Society of Veterinary and Research Education (BSVER).


1) Bangladesh Veterinary Association (Ctg Vet. Asso Chapter) (2005-2009).

Project (Completed)

1) Enhancement of work based learning facilities through networking of SAQTVH and satellite veterinary clinics of CVASU, 2014-2015

2) Community-based Animal Health Care Services at Chittagong and Noakhali District”. Implementing Agency: Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University funded by DANIDA through RFLDC, 2009-2010

Research (On Going)

Diagnosis of ketosis in high yielding dairy cattle and its management using traditional herds, 2016

Field trial on neem and garlic extract against aspergillosis in broiler, 2016

Looking for the presence of trematodes and gastrointestinal
nematodes; measuring the level of SGPT and SGOT level of liver fluke affected cases; and study the efficacy of modern anthelmintics on reduction of EPG (Egg per gram), body weight gain, changing of hematological parameters (HB, PCV & ESR) of cattle population of Battali village of Anwara. (Under Technical Co-operation with CVASU internal funding).

A study to estimate the frequency of disease occurrence in commercial poultry units of certain area of Chittagong District through a passive surveillance. (Under Technical Co-operation with CVASU internal funding).

Use of Botanical feed additives as poultry feed and their effects on hematological parameters. (Under Technical Co-operation with CVASU internal funding).

Social and Extra Curricular Activities

1) Coordinator, Confidential Academic Committee, 6 years

2) Member, Admission Committee from last 16 years

3) Member of managing committee, Pahartoli Degree College Chittagong.

4) House Tutor of different Halls:

5) Working as a member of the Committee for Reviewing Salary/Salary discrimination of teachers,   officers and employees of CVASU.

6) Working as Chairman, of University Tender Evaluation Committee.

7) Working as member of the Committee for Telephone Allotment and Management.

8) Working as member of the purchasing committee of CVASU.

9) Working as Chairman of the committee to investigate and find out the persons involve   in student misconduct.

10) Working as member of the committee for conducting student’s Benevolent Fund.

11) Working as member of the committee for implementation of New National Pay Scale.

12) Working as member of the committee for preparing the Provisional Certificate for the  Bachelor Degree Courses in Semester in CVASU.  

13) Worked as Chairman of the committee constituted for reviewing of punishment of CVASU student.

14) Worked as member of the committee constituted for formulating the criteria for employment of the semester system’s graduates.

15) Worked as member of the committees for investigating different corruption and disciplinary action against employees of CVASU.

16) Co-coordinator: undergraduate Internship development progrmme in BD. undergraduate integrated coarse curricula development.

17) Worked as member of the committee to evaluate and renew the group insurance benefit for teachers, officers and employees of CVASU.

18) Worked as Chairman of the committee to observe the World Veterinary Day

19) Worked as Chairman of the committee for giving the first graduation ceremony of CGVC.

20) Worked as member of the fact finding committee to investigate the allegation against recruitment of staff.

21) Worked as Chairman of the committee constituted to investigate the Electrical corruption in CVASU and to find out the way to reduce the corruption.

22) Worked as expert member of the committee to evaluate the exam script of the BCS Livestock Cadre.

23) Worked for preparation and moderation of syllabus for DVM by Bangladesh Veterinary council.

24) Worked as Expert Member of Selection Committee for appointing Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Lecturer in the Departments of CVASU.

25) Worked as expert Member of the committee for the recruitment of teachers in Chittagong and Sylhet Government Veterinary Colleges, nominated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

26) Professor and Assistant Professor in Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU).

27) Working as External Examiner of Sylhet, Barishal, Dinajpur Government Veterinary College.

28) Working as a member of Editorial Board of the Journal of CVASU.

29) Worked as Chairman of the committee to formulate the rule for the exam remuneration of semester system in CVASU.



General Pharmacology (GPH-202)

Pharmacology and Therapeutics (PHT-301

Toxicology (TOX-302)

Biochemistry (DVM, FST, FoF)


General Pharmacology (GPH-601)

General Toxicology (GTL-601)

Phytotoxicology (PTL-601)

Food Toxicology (FTL-601)

Systemic Pharmacology (SPH-602)

Pharmacy (PHM-602)

Endocrine and Nutritional Pharmacology (ENP-602)

Toxicology of Drugs and Chemical Residues (TCD-602)

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