October 3, 2016

Dr. Md. Masuduzzaman

Dr. Md. Masuduzzaman


Department of Pathology and Parasitology,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Telephone: +88031659492-93 Ext 113 (Off)
Fax: +88031659620
Mobile: +8801711810351
E-mail: zamandrmd@yahoo.co.uk


Md. Masusduzzaman received DVM and MS degree from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh and PhD degree from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. He joined as Graduate Research Assistant in BAURES, Bangladesh in 1992. In 1993, he joined Youth Training Centre, Feni, Bangladesh as Senior Instructor (Livestock). From October, 1993 to August, 1994 he worked at Bangladesh Milk Producer’s Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) as Assistant Manager. He worked as Lecturer in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh from 1994 to 1995. In March 1995 He joined as Veterinary Assistant Surgeon under Department of Livestock Services, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh. After that he joined as Assistant Professor in CVASU (former Chittagong Govt. Veterinary College), Bangladesh in 1996. He is promoted to Professor in 2003. Now he is working in CVASU as Senior Professor in Department of Pathology and Parasitology, CVASU. He is interested in avian pathology and diagnostic pathology.

Journal Publications

1) Rakib T. M., Islam M. S., Rahman M. M., Siddiki AMAM  Z., Sutradhar B. C., Hossain M. A. and Masuduzzaman M. 2016. A case report on invasive ductal carcinoma in dog. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Science, 4(1):1-4.

2) Islam M. S., Das S., Islam M. A., Talukdar M. M. I., Hashem M. A., Chowdhury S. and Masuduzzaman M. 2015. Pathological affections of lungs in slaughtered cattle and buffaloes at Chittagong Metropoliton Area, Bangladesh. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Science, 3(1): 27-33.

3) Islam M. S., Alim M. A., Das S., Ghosh K. K., Pervin S., Lipi A., Siddiki AMAM Z., Masuduzzaman M. and Hossain M. A. 2014. Prevalence of Haemoproteus sp. in domestic Pigeon at Chittagong and Khulna District in Bangladesh. The Journal of Advances in Parasitology, 1(2): 24-25.

4) Islam M. S., Das S., Alim M. A., Mohiuddin M., Bin-Kabir M. H., Islam M. T., Ghosh K. K., Masuduzzaman M. 2014. Progressive type of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT) in a male stray dog: a case report. Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners, 2 (4): 70 – 72.

5) Islam M. S., Das S., Talukdar M. M. I., Islam M. A., Ghosh K. K., Alim M. A. and Masuduzzaman M. 2014. Pathological affection of liver due to hydatidosis and fascioliasis in slaughtered food animal (cattle and buffalo) in Chittagong district, Bangladesh. Wayamba Journal of Animal Science, pp. 1014-1019.

6) Alim M. A., Das S., Roy Kr., Masuduzzaman M., Sikder S., Hassan M. M., Siddiki A. M. A. M. Z. and Hossain M. A. 2012. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitism in cattle of Chittagong division, Bangladesh. Wayamba Journal of Animal Science, 4: 247-254.

7) Alim M. A., Das S., Roy K., Masuduzzaman M., Sikder S., Hassan M. M., Siddiki A. M. A. M. Z. and Hossain M. A. 2012. Prevalence of Hemoprotoan Diseases in Cattle Population of Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. Pakistan Veterinary Journal, 32(2):221-224.

8) Das S, Alim M. A., Sikdar S., Uddin M., Gupta A. D., Masuduzzaman M. 2012. Prevalence and intensity of enteric parasites in stray dogs of Chittagong Metropolitan, Bangladesh. YYU Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi, 23 (3): 141-145.

9) Das S., Alim M. A., Sikder S., Mohiuddin, Gupta A. D., Masuduzzaman, M. 2012. Prevalence and intensity of enteric helminths in stray dogs of Chittagong Metropolitan, Bangladesh. YYU Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi, 23 (3): 141-145.

10) Alim M. A, Das S., Roy K., Masuduzzaman M., Sikder S., Hassan M. M., Siddiki A. M. A. M. Z. and Hossain M. A. 2012. Prevalence of hemoprotozoan diseases in cattle population of Chittagong division, Bangladesh. Pakistan Veterinary Journal, 32(2): 221-224.

11) Siddiki A. M. A. M. Z. and Masuduzzaman M. 2009. Cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis: A brief review. Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 12(2): 91-111.

12) Chowdhury S., Masuduzzaman M. and Shatu S. N. 2009. A pathological investigation to identify forms of colobacillosis in commercial broiler and layer birds in Chittagong region. Eco-friendly Agricultural Journal, 2(1): 368-373.

13) Sharmin R., Rahman M. M. and Masuduzzaman M. 2005. Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of mammary gland in a German Shepherd dog. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine 3(2): 174-176.

14) Rahman M. L., Islam M. R., Masuduzzaman M. and Khan M. Z. I. 2003. Lymphoid tissues in the digestive tract of deshi chicken (Gallus domesticus) in Bangldesh. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 6(13): 1145-1150.

15) Masuduzzaman M., Ehsan M. A., Rahman M. L. and Islam M. N. 2002. Pathology of certain neoplastic diseases in dogs. The Bangladesh Veterinarian 19 (2): 139-141.

16) Ehsan M. A., Rolls P. J. and Masuduzzaman M. 2002. Management of bovine vaginal prolapse by Buhner’s method. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 19 (1): 57-59.

17) Masuduzzaman M., Bhuiyan M. J.  and Shabuddin M. 1999. A study on   hepatic abscess in slaughtered cattle with special reference to its pathology. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 16(2):101-102.

18) Masuduzzaman M., Bhuiyan M.J. and Shahabuddin M. 1999. Calf  diseases in hilly areas of Chittagong. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 16(2):103.

19) Bhuiyan M. J., Hossain M. I., Moslehuddin M., Masuduzzaman M. and  Shahabuddin M. 1998. Female reproductive disorders in Black Bengal goats of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 15(1-2):49-50.

20) Masuduzzaman M., Hossain M. I., Moslehuddin M. and Bhuiyan M.J.         1994. Pathological Conditions encountered in Food animal carcasses in abattoirs of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 15(1-2):19-22.

21) Rashid S. M. H., Hossain M. I., Moslehuddin, Slam M. G. S., Masuduzzaman M. and Fazlul Haque A. K. M. 1994. Gynaeco-pathological disorders in rural buffaloes of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 11(1-2):41-44.

22) Wadud A., Nasiruddin M., Islam M. N., Masuduzzaman M. and Dey sharker D. R. 1993. Measurement of area in milk of dairy animals. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 10(1-2): 25-29.

23) Moslehuddin, Masuduzzaman M. and Rahman M. H.. 1993. Schwannoma in a zebu cattle. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 10(1-2):69-70.

Articles Published or Accepted in Proceedings of Conferences

1) Rakib T. M., Islam M. S., Hossain M. A., Rahman M. M., Chowdhury S., Masuduzzaman M. 2015. Prevalence and Multidrug Resistance Pattern of Salmonella Isolated from Stray Dogs in Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Proceedings of the 8th One Health Conference, 28-29th April, RAWA complex, Dhaka.

2) Rakib T. M., Islam M. S., Azam M. N. E., Islam M. S., Akter L., Hossain M. A., Chowdhury S. and Masuduzzaman M. 2016. Molecular dentification and antibiogram of Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA) isolated from oral cavity in dog. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Scientific Conference, 2-3rd April, CVASU, Chittagong, pp. 142.

Research Interest

To know clinical and diagnostic pathology of infectious diseases of domestic livestock and poultry.


Necropsy, infectious disease pathology, Avian pathology and therapeutics, production and management, preventive measures to improve flock health, preventative veterinary medicine, vaccine design, food safety, commercial poultry improvement and poultry development programs.



GPT 201: General Pathology

GNP 202: General Pathology-II and Nutritional Pathology

SPT 301: Systemic Pathology

PID 302: Pathology of Infectious Diseases

APT 401: Avian Pathology

CLP 401: Clinical Pathology


NPT 601: Necropsy

BVD 601: Pathology of Bacterial and Viral Diseases

PPT 601: Pathology of Parasitic Diseases

GPT 602: General Pathology

APT 602: Avian Pathology

Students (Research)


1) Pathological investigation of hemo-parasitic diseases of cross-bred cattle reared under farm condition in Chittagong region

2) Prevalence of infectious bursal disease and secondary complications in commercial broiler flocks in Chittagong region

3) Colibacillosis in broiler: prevalence and bacterio-pathological investigations at chittagong district in Bangladesh

4) Prevalence of haemoprotozoan and gastrointestinal parasitic diseases in cattle of Chittagong, Bangladesh

5) Isolation and identification of salmonella from broiler and layer in the Chittagong commercial poultry farms

6) Molecular Investigation of Cryptosporidium Spp. in stray and pet dog at Chittagong Metropolitan Area

7) Histopathological examination and optimization of multiplex PCR protocol for diagnosis of viral respiratory diseases in commercial poultry

8) Coibacillosis in Broiler: Prevanence and bacterio-Pathological Investigation at Chittagong District, Bangladesh, 2011

9) Pathological investigation and Molecular characterization of Avian Adeno Viruses associated Inclusion body hepatitis and Hydropericardium syndrome (IBH-HPS) in commercial chicken in Chittagong, Bangladesh

10) Molecular investigation of infectious bronchitis in chickens and its relationship with visceral gout

11) Molecular characterization of different bacterial agents causing neonatal calf diarrhea with their comparative pathology in dead calves

12) Indentification and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. From fecal sample of neonatal calf and its pathology in dead calf


1) Investigation of Bovine Tuberculosis: its biochemical and hormonal changes

2) Molecular diagnostic and epidemiology of echinococcosis

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