August 21, 2016

DR. Md. Moksedul Momin

DR. Md. Moksedul Momin

Assistant Professor

Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
TelePhone: +88031659093 Ext-157 (Off)
Mobile: +8801719366552




M. Momin received DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Degree from Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University under Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. He achieved Master of Science (MS) degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics under Department Genetics and Animal Breeding from the same university.

He joined as a Lecturer in Department Genetics and Animal Breeding in 2015 and working in the same post till now. He is a young academician and Research interest includes Quantitative Genetics and Molecular Genetics.

Journal Publications

1) Bilkis T., Md. Khan M.K.I., Das A., Miazi O.F., Momin M.M. and Hazary M.E.H. (2016). Artificial insemination practices and factors affecting conception rate of dairy cows in the commercial dairy farms. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology. (Accepted in August 2016).

2) Momin M.M., Khan M.K.I. and Miazi O.F. (2016). Different Traits of Buffalo under Extensive and Semi-intensive Bathan System. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science. (Accepted in June 2016).

3) Miah G., Das A., Bilkis, T., Momin M.M., Uddin M.A. Alim M.A., Mahmud M.S. and Miazi O.F. (2016).  Comparative Study on Productive and Reproductive Traits of Black Bengal and Jamnapari Goats under Semi-Intensive Condition. Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), Volume 4, Issue 2. Pp: 1-7.

4) Miazi O.F., Miah G., Momin M.M., Hassan M.M., Uddin M.M., Hossain M.E., Mahmud M.S.  and Ahsan M.F. (2015). Liveability of Fayoumi and Sonali Chicks in Scavenging Rearing System. Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), Volume 3, Issue 12. Pp: 15-19.

5) Kober A.K.M.H., Bari M.S., Morshed S. and Momin M.M. (2015). Evaluation of nutritional quality, contamination, adulteration and preservation quality of different sources of milk. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Volume 3. Pp: 25-29.



Animal Genetics (AGN-201)

Animal Breeding (ABR-301)

Animal Biotechnology (ABT-402)



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