October 3, 2016

DR. Mukti Barua

DR. Mukti Barua

Assistant Professor

Department of Animal Science and Nutrition ,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Telephone: +88 031-659093 (Ext.179)
Mobile: +88 01862759589
E-mail: mukti.barua@yahoo.commukti314@gmail.com



Mukti Barua graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and completed MS in Animal Science from Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU), Bangladesh. She received clinical training from Madras Veterinary College, Veterinary College and Research Institute of Tamilnadu Veterinary and animal Sciences University, India during her graduation. Due to her outstanding academic performances she was awarded scholarship by Bangladesh Scholarship Council which was funded by Nippon Foundation, Japan.

Mukti joined as a Lecturer in the Department of Animal Science and Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, CVASU in 2014. Due to her incredible interest in research she is engaged with different research works besides teaching. Her research interests are in the areas of animal welfare and health, “One Health”, control of both animal diseases and emerzing zoonotic diseases which are inter-transmissible between animals and human. She has a strong record of research and published some of her research works in renowned national and international journals.

Mukti would like to establish a research career covering field and laboratory works and bears a strong desire to join in an active research group where she can try to evolve her full effort, hard labor, enthusiasm and creativity to achieve organizational goal. Also she is an active member of cultural community (named “Srijoni”) of CVASU. She finds interest in reading books and scientific journals.

Journal Publications

1) M. Barua, MAM Prodhan, K. Islam, S. Chowdhury, M. Hasanuzzaman, MA Imtiaz & GB Das. 2014. Sub-clinical mastitis prevalent in dairy cows in Chittagong district of Bangladesh: Detection by different screening tests. Vet. World., 7(7): 483 - 488.

2) M. Barua, F. Hossain , K. Islam, MZ Islam. 2013. Schistosomus Reflexus Syndrome, a congenital defect in ruminants; occurrence and management through caesarean section in dairy cow. Res. J. Vet. Prac., 2 (3): 40-41.

3) BK Nath, MA Hossain, MS Bari, M Barua, K Islam, G C Chanda. 2016. Growth Performance and Serum Biochemical Responses of Commercial Broilers Fed Diets Containing Rubber Seed and Yeast. Asian J. Poult. Sci., 10 (2): 96-103.

4) R Ahmed, PK Biswas, M. Barua, MA Alim, K. Islam, MZ Islam. 2015. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitism of cattle in Banskhali upazilla, Chittagong, Bangladesh. J. Adv. Vet. Anim. Res., 2(4): 484-488.

5) MA Uddin, K. Islam, S. Sultana, MA Imtiaz, A. Kashem, M. Saifuddin, M. Barua. 2013. Seroprevalence of antibodies against Newcastle disease in layer chicken at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Res. J. Vet. Prac., 2 (2): 36-39.

6) K. Islam, A. Ahad, A. Mahmood, MM Rahman, MZ Islam, MHB Kabir, M. Barua, S Chowdhury, MK Nasir & PK Biswas. 2014. Prevalence, Clinico-Pathological and haematological features of Peste des Petits Ruminants in different breeds of goats and their response to antimicrobial treatment. J. Inf. Mol. Bio., 2(3): 43-48.

7) MA Imtiaz, MA Rahman, K. Islam, M. Barua, MA Alim, S. Chowdhury, S. Sikder. 2013. Prevalence and associated risk factors of Myiasis in different areas of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Res. J. Vet. Prac., 2(2): 22-27.

Research Interest

I have a great interest in research on epidemiology relating to “One health” concept  as there is a link among diseases of animals, human and environment. My research experiences and interest covers the field of animal welfare, health, diseases and emerging zoonotic infections.

In my previous research, I have performed different indirect screening tests at some selected dairy farms of Chittagong district of Bangladesh in order to detect prevalence and associated risk factors of sub-clinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows and evaluated the accuracy of those tests with sensitivity and specificity test. I have worked with several research teams for detection of prevalence and feasible risk factors of Myiasis and PPR with clinico-pathological features of PPR in goat. I have also worked as principal investigator (PI) of two research projects which was funded by University grants commission (UGC), Bangladesh. The principal objectives of these projects were to see the effect of rumen epithelial scrapping meal (RESM) and garlic powder on performance, carcass quality, organ characteristics and blood parameters of broiler. Currently, I have been working as co-supervisor of different MS research projects.

Antibiotic resistance is a burning issue of modern time. Consumption of broiler in which coccidiostat have been used can built drug resistance on human. During my MS, I worked to see the affectivity of fish oil on growth performance, serum lipid profile of poultry whereas special emphasis was given on coccidiosis prevention in broiler. I noticed that using 2-3% fish oil in regular drinking water can prevent coccidiosis in broiler and improve their performance and serum lipid profile. Moreover, there is no chance of developing drug resistance in human through consuming commercial broiler. In my future research work I would also like to work intensively on this topic.



Animal Science (ASM-101)

Fodder Production (FPR-102)

Poultry Nutrition and Feed Milling Technology (PMT-301)

Zoo, Wild and Lab. Animal Management (ZLM-301)


Lab. Pet and Wild Animal Nutrition (LPW-602)

Therapeutic Nutrition (TPN-601)

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