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DR. Omar Faruk Miazi

DR. Omar Faruk Miazi


Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
TelePhone: +88031659093 Ext-157 (Off)
Mobile: +8801716405111
Fax: +88031659620


Omar Faruk Miazi received DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Degree from University of Chittagong under Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. He achieved Master of Veterinary Epidemiology (MVE) degree in Veterinary Epidemiology from the Copenhagen University Denmark. He also got his Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree in Biological Sciences form University of Chittagong. 

He joined as a Lecturer in the Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, CVASU in 2003 and served as an Assistant Professor from 208 until 2012. Later he joined as an Associate Professor from 2013 and working in the same post till now. Currently, he holds a position of Head in the Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, CVASU. His research interests are in the areas of Animal Biotechnology and Wildlife Sciences.

 He had completed five (5) research works and had taken more than ten (10) professional training in his field and related fields. Without these he also joined more than fifteen (15) national and international seminars/ conferences/ workshops. DR. Miazi has a strong record of research in his area that includes publications of a number of papers in the reputed journals.

Journal Publications

1) Tahmina Bilkis, Md. Kabirul Islam Khan, Ashutosh Das, Omar Faruk Miazi, Md. Moksedul Momin and Md. Enamul Haq Hazary (2016): Artificial insemination practices and factors affecting conception rate of dairy cows in the commercial dairy farms. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology (Accepted).

2) Momin M.M., Khan M.K.I. and Miazi O.F. (2016). Different Traits of Buffalo under Extensive and Semi-intensive Bathan System. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science. (Accepted in June 2016).

3) Tofazzal Md. Rakiba,*, Lipi Akterb, Shama Ranjan Baruaa, Nur E Azama, Rifatul Erfan’, Md. Shafiqul Islama, Abdullah Al Farukc, Mohammad Omer Faruka, Omar Faruk Miazid (2016).  Effects of age, rearing system and their interaction on phenotypic characteristics in hisex brown laying hens. Scientific Journal of Veterinary Advance .5(5), pp: 87-96

4) Miah G., Das A., Bilkis, T., Momin M.M., Uddin M.A. Alim M.A., Mahmud M.S. and Miazi O.F. (2016).  Comparative Study on Productive and Reproductive Traits of Black Bengal and Jamnapari Goats under Semi-Intensive Condition. Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), Volume 4, Issue 2. Pp: 1-7.

5) Miazi O.F., Miah G., Momin M.M., Hassan M.M., Uddin M.M., Hossain M.E., Mahmud M.S.  and Ahsan M.F. (2015). Liveability of Fayoumi and Sonali Chicks in Scavenging Rearing System. Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), Volume 3, Issue 12. Pp: 15-19.

6) Islam S1*, Bari MS2, Moni SP3, Siddiqe MZF4, Uddin MH5 and Miazi OF5 (2015).Phenotypic Characteristics of Commercial Layer Strains, ISA Brown and Hisex Brown. International Journal of Natural Sciences), 5(2): 41- 45  

7) OF. Miazi, 2G. Miah, 3M.M. Hasan, 4M.M. Uddin, 5M.E. Hossain, 6M.S.Mahmud, 7M. F. Ahsan (2015). Mortality of Fayoumi and Sonali Chicks in Scavenging Rearing System.International Journal of Recent Research in Life Sciences (IJRRLS) Vol. 2, Issue 3, pp: (1-7). Available at:

8) S. M. Ullah, M.S. Pallab, M.M. Uddin, M.S.Mahmud and O. F. Miazi (2015). PREVELANCE OF SEVERAL DISEASES IN CATTLE AT CHANDANAISH, CHITTAGONG. Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), Volume III, Issue X, pp:38-43, October 2015

9) Abu Hasan Lovlu1, Rayhan Faruque2, 2013.  Omar Faruk miazi3. Prevalence of salmonellosis in some common snakes of Bangladesh.  Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 3(7), pp. 257-260, (Available online at http://

10) Omar Faruk Miazi1*, Gous Miah 1, Md. Mahbub Miazi2, Mohammad Mejbah Uddin3, Mohammad Mahamudul Hassan4 and Md. Faridahsan*. 2012. Fertility and Hatchability of Fayoumi and Sonali Chicks. Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 2(5), pp. 83-86, (Available online at http://

11) ME Hossain*1, MM Khatun2, MM Islam1, and OF Miazi3 2012.  Semen characteristics of breeding bulls at the Central Cattle Breeding and Dairy Farm of Bangladesh. Bang. J. Anim. Sci. 2012. 41 (1): 1-5

12) Miazi OF1*, Miah G1, Uddin MM2, Hassan MM3 and AhsanMF4. 2011. Effects of environment and genotype for the expression of weight gain of Fayoumi and Sonali chicks. International Journal of Natural Sciences, 1(1):23-25

13) M. H. B. Kabir, M. Eliyas, M.A. Hashem, Mohiuddin and O. F. Miazi. 2010. Prevalence of zoonotic parasitic diseases of domestic animals in different abattoir of Comilla and Brahman Baria region in Bangladesh. . University Journal of Zoology. Rajshahi University. Vol. 28. pp: 21-25.

14) Azizunnesa, B.C. Sutradhar, M. Hasanuzzaman, O.F. Miazi, M. Aktaruzzaman and M.O. Faruk1.2010. Study on the Productive and Reproductive Performances of Red Chittagong Cow at rural areas in Chittagong. University Journal of Zoology. Rajshahi University. Vol. 28. pp: 27-31.

15) M. H. B. Kabir1, M. M. H. Mondal2, M. Eliyas3, M. A. Mannan3, M. A. Hashem4*, N. C. Debnath1,O. F. Miazi5, C. Mohiuddin6,_M. A. Kashem1, M. R. Islam7 and M. F. Elahi7. 2011. An epidemiological survey on investigation of tick infestation in cattle at Chittagong District, Bangladesh. African Journal of Microbiology Research Vol. 5(4), pp. 346-352, 4 February, 2011.Available online ISSN 1996-0808 ©2011 Academic Journals.

16) O. F. Miazi, M. M. Uddin, M. M. Islam, M. A. Hashem and M. S. Mahmud. 2009. Some phenotypic parameters of scavenging chicken in Rangpur, Bangladesh. International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology. 5(5):49-51.

17) UDDIN, M. M.; REZA, S. M.; ISLAM, N. K.; MIAZI, O. F. & AHMED, S. S. U. (2009). Surgical anatomical measurements of patellar ligaments for blind method of medial patellar desmotomy of cattle during upward patellar fixation in Bangladesh. Int. J. Morphol., 27(2):311-315, 2009.

18) M H B Kabir, M M Islam, M A Hashem M R Islam M M Alam and O F Miazi, (2009). The effect of Bio-security measurement on different poultry farms in Bangladesh. Eco-Friendly Agril. J. 2(6): 607-610.

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20) M. A. Hossain, S.D. Chowdhury, B.C. Roy, O. F. Miazi and M. M. Islam. (2008). Chemical evaluation of broiler feed (pellet) received from different feed mills in Bangladesh International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology. Vol.4 (1): 5-11.O F Miazi, M R Islam, S A Khan M.M. Hassan and M MUddin,  Productivity and reproductive performances of Black Bengal  goat. Eco-Friendly Agril. J. 1(5): 319-321.

21) M. M. Uddin,  M Chowdhury, M F Faruque, Azizunnesa and  O F Miazi (2008). Prevalence and Vaccine Efficacy of FMD at field level in Chittagong Bangladesh. Eco-Friendly Agril. J. 1(5): 316-318.

22) O. F. Miazi, M.M.Uddin, M.M. Hassan ,S.Sultana and S.A.Happy (2008). Black Bengal Goat Rearing at Ishwargonj Upazila of Mymensingh District in Bangladesh.Female International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology. Vol.4 (6): 6-8.

23) A. B. M. Saifuzzaman, M. M. Uddin, O.F. Miazi, M Y. E.Chowdhury and S.S.U.Ahmed (2008). Cross-sectional Study of Prevalence of Helminthes Parasitic Infestation of Cattle. International   Journal of Animal and Fisheries Science. 1(2): 49-52.

24) M. M.Uddin, O.F.Miazi, MY.E.Chowdhury and S.S.U.Ahmed. (2008)Prevalance and Efficacy of Ivermectin as a Treatment against Ticks and Mites Infestation of Cattle and Goat. International   Journal of Animal and Fisheries Science. 1(5): 116-118.

25) M. M. Uddin, M. S. Islam, O. F. Miazi, G. Miah, and M. Y .E. Chowdhury (2008). Prevalance of Infectious Bursal Disease in Commercial Broiler of Chittagong in Bangladesh. International Journal of Animal and Fisheries Science. 1(3): 68-70.

26) O. F. Miazi, M. E. Hossain, M. A. Hossain, M. A. Halim and M. M. Islam. 2007. Adaption condition of rural farmers toward artificial insemination in Sirajganj district of Bangladesh. International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology. 3(5):107-112.

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28) M.M. Hassan, S.M.N. Mahmud, S.K.M.A. Islam and O.F. Miazi. 2007. A comparative study on reproductive performance and productivity of Black Bengal and Crossbred goat at Atrai, Bangladesh. University Journal of Zoology, Rajshahi Univ. Vol. 26. pp: 55-57.

29) M.M. Hassan, O. F. Miazi, S. K. M. A. Islam, S.A. Khan and S. Sultana. (2007). Prevalence of Mastitis and Black Quarter and response of treatment at Kalihali Upazilla, Bangladesh. International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology. 3 (6): 37-40.

30) M.M.M. Chowdhury, M.M.Hassan, S.A.Khan, S.K.M.A.Ilam and O.F.Miazi.(2008). Impaction in a captive spotted deer at Chittagong Zoo ,Bangladesh. International   Journal of Animal and Fisheries Science. 1(2): 65-67.

31) M.M. Islam, M. E. Hossain, M.A. Hossain and  O. F. Miazi. (2007). Effects of polyethylene glycol on dried Morus indica  and Erythrina orientalis leaves. Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University. 5 (2): 313-320.

32) G.B. Das, M.E. Hossain, M.A. Hossain1, M. Hasanuzzaman and O.F. Miazi2(2007). Profitability of using oleic acid in broiler diet.Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University. 5 (2): 289-299.


Proceedings of the Workshops

1) O. F. Miazi and Dr. Md. Farid Ahsan .2006. Weight gain, livability, fertility, hatchability and mortality of Fayoumi chick compared to Sonali under scavenging system. Proceeding of the fourth annual scientific conference. 28-29 March. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University ,Chittagong, Bangladesh:161-170

Books/ Bulletein/ Bichitra/ Posters


1) O. F. Miazi. 2004.  Broiler Farm Establishment. Poultry Khamar Bichitra.    Vol.12 (5): 39-40

2) Coxiella burnetii antibody levels in Danish dairy cattle: Prevalence, incidence, recovery. Omar F. Miazi1*, Jens F. Agger1, Bo Markussen2, Anna-Bodil Christoffersen3, Jørgen S. Agerholm1, SVEPM Annuals Conference 2012.

 3) Zoonotic aspects of Coxiella burnetii antibody positivity between dairy cattle farmers and their herds., Agger JF, Miazi OF, Christoffersen A-B, Agerholm JS, Villumsen S, Bosnjak E, Kantsø B, IMED 2010.

 4) Sonali as a Scavenging Chicken. Omar Faruk Miazi, Gous Miah, Ashutosh Das and Md. Kabirul Islam Khann, CVASU Annuals Conference 2008



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