October 3, 2016

Dr. Sharmin Chowdhury

Dr. Sharmin Chowdhury


Department of Pathology and Parasitology,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
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Sharmin Chowdhury received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Chittagong Government Veterinary College (affiliated by University of Chittagong) in 2002. She achieved Masters of Science (MSc.) degree in 2006 in Veterinary Epidemiology from the Royal Veterinary College, United Kingdom and PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology from the Southern Denmark University, Denmark in 2012.

She joined as a lecturer in 2003 at the Department of Pathology and Parasitology, CVASU and was promoted as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in the same department in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Her research interests are classical and spatio-temporal epidemiology of infectious zoonotic diseases in animals and birds.

She received significant amount of research grants from different funding bodies among which funding from the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) through Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) is mentionable. She has published her research findings in different peer reviewed journals. She achieved several national and international awards including Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program.

Journal Publications

1) Chowdhury, S., Barua, S.R., Rakib, T.M., Rahman, M.M., Ferdushy, T., Hossain, M.A., Islam, M.S., Masuduzzaman, M., 2017.Survey of Calf Management and Hygiene Practices Adopted in Commercial Dairy Farms in Chittagong, Bangladesh.Advances in animal and veterinary Sciences 5, 14-22.

2) Rakib T. M., Hassan M. M., Faruq A. A., Erfan R., Barua S. R., Faruk M. O., Hasanuzzaman M., Chowdhury S., Alam M. M. 2016. Effect of Transport on Physical and Haematological Status of Cattle in Bangladesh. Journal of Animal Health and Production, 4(3): 78-86.

3) Islam M. Z., Ahmed S., Hossain M. F., Mahmood A., Ahad A., Chowdhury S. and Christensen J. P. 2015. Risk factors for Mycoplasma gallisepticum seroprevalence in chicken. The Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 25(4): 1200-1205.

4) Barua M., Prodhan M. A. M., Islam K., Chowdhury S., Hasanuzzaman M., Imtiaz M. A. and Das G. B. 2014. Sub-clinical mastitis prevalent in dairy cows in Chittagong district of Bangladesh: detection by different screening tests. Veterinary World, 7(7): 483-488.

5) Sandberg M., Sørensen L. L., Steenberg B., Chowdhury S., Ersbøll A. K., Alban L. 2014. Risk factors for Campylobacter colonization in Danish broiler flocks, 2010 to 2011. Poultry Science, 94 (3): 447-453.

6) Islam M. Z., Musekiwa A., Islam K., Ahmed S., Chowdhury S., Ahad A., Biswas P. K. 2014. Regional variation in the prevalence of E. coli 0157 in cattle: A meta analysis and meta-regression. PLOS One, 9(4): e93299.

7) Ghosh K. K., Sikder S., Chowdhury S., Ray M. K., Sikder A., Chanda G. C. 2013. A study on management system of an intensive pigeon farming at Chittagong. Wayamba Journal of Animal Science, 2012-578X: 623-628.

8) Chowdhury S., Sandberg M., Themudo G. E., Ersbøll A. K. 2012. Risk factors for Campylobacter infection in Danish broiler chicken. Poultry Science, 91: 2701-2709.

9) Chowdhury S., Themudo G. E., Sandberg M., Ersbøll A. K. 2012. Spatio-temporal patterns of Campylobacter colonization in Danish broilers. Epidemiology and Infection, 141: 997-1008.

10) Chowdhury S., Sandberg M., Themudo G. E., Ersbøll A. K. 2012. The effect of presence of infected neighbouring farms for the Campylobacter infection status in Danish broiler farms. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology, 3: 311-322.

11) Alam M. R., Gregory N. G., Uddin M. S., Jobbar M. A., Chowdhury S., Debnath N. C. 2010. Frequency of nose and tail injuries in cattle and water buffalo at livestock markets in Bangladesh. Animal Welfare, 19: 295-300.

12) Chowdhury S., Masuduzzaman M., Shatu S. N. 2009. A pathological investigation to identify different forms of colibacillosis in commercial broiler and layer birds in Chittagong region. Eco-friendly Agricultural Journal, 2(1): 368-373.

13) Chowdhury M. Y. E., Faruque M. R., Ahmed S. S. U., Azizunnesa, Chowdhury S. 2008. Occurrence of disease and disorders of goat recorded at veterinary teaching hospital of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Bangladesh. International Journal of Animal and Fisheries Sciences, 1(5): 90-93.

14) Roy K., Adhikary S., Hassan M. M., Sultana S., Chowdhury S. 2008. Trypanocidal drug (Iso-Metamidium Chloride): resistance against Trypanosoma congulense and socio-economic impact on the context of Africa. Eco-friendly Agricultural Journal, 1(5): 254-263.

15) Chanda G. C., Uddin G. M. N., Deb A., Bilkis T., Chowdhury S., Uddin M. B. 2008. Microbiological profile of the traditionally collected industrial raw milk from the milk pocket zones of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Microbiology, 25 (1): 17-20.

Articles Published or Accepted in Proceedings of Conferences

1) Rakib T. M., Islam M. S., Hossain M. A., Rahman M. M., Chowdhury S., Masuduzzaman M. 2015. Prevalence and Multidrug Resistance Pattern of Salmonella Isolated from Stray Dogs in Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Proceedings of the 8th One Health Conference, 28-29th April, RAWA complex, Dhaka.

2) Barua S. R., Rahman M. M., Rakib T. M., Islam M. S., Ferdushy T., Chowdhury S. 2016. Prevalence and risk factors of rotavirus infection in calves at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Scientific Conference, 2-3rd April, CVASU, Chittagong, pp. 28-32.

3) Rakib T. M., Islam M. S., Azam M. N. E., Islam M. S., Akter L., Hossain M. A., Chowdhury S., Masuduzzaman M. 2016. Molecular dentification and antibiogram of Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA) isolated from oral cavity in dog. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Scientific Conference, 2-3rd April, CVASU, Chittagong, pp. 142.

4) Rakib T. M., Mina S. A., Meherunnesa, Reza M. A., Islam M. S., Rahman M. M., Hossain M. A., Chowdhury S., Siddiki A. M. A. M. Z. 2016. Protein Profile analysis of selected snake venoms available in poisonous snakes of Bangladesh by bioinformatics approach. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Scientific Conference, 2-3rd April, CVASU, Chittagong, pp. 143.

Research Interest

Epidemiology of zoonotic diseases, Spatio-temporal pattern and clustering of disease, molecular epidemiology. 


Dr. Sharmin Chowdhury is a specialized Veterinary Epidemiologist. She conducted significant number of researches to understand the introduction, spread and transmission patterns of different zoonotic and transboundary diseases of animals and birds. She is also specialized in the branch of spatio-temporal epidemiology.



GPT 201: General Pathology

GNP 202: General Pathology-II and Nutritional Pathology

SPT 301: Systemic Pathology

PID 302: Pathology of Infectious Diseases

APT 401: Avian Pathology

CLP 401: Clinical Pathology

VEP: Veterinary Epidemiology


MPT 601: Pathology of Metabolic Diseases

RPT 601: Reproductive Pathology

PPT 602: Pathology of Extraneous Poisonings

Molecular and Spatial Epidemiology

Research Methodology

Students (Research)


1) Shariful Islam (2014-2015) Seroprevalence and space-time cluster of brucellosis in dairy cows of Chittagong region. MS Thesis. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh (Supervisor)

2) Rafiul Islam (2014-2015) Prevalence of Giardia and Eimeria among diarrhea affected calves in Chittagong division. MS Thesis. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh (Supervisor)

3) Yeasin Haider Chowdhury (2015-2016) Epidemiological and Ecological investigation of parasites of wild animals in Bangladesh. MS Thesis. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh (Supervisor)

4) Helal Uddin (2015-2016) MS Thesis. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh (Supervisor)


1) Shama Ranjan Barua (2014-2017): Clinicopathology of Rotavirus and other enteropathogenic infection in calves and evaluation of risk factors for the intra and inter population transmission. PhD Thesis. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh (Supervisor)

2) M. A. Mannan (2014-2017) Exploring the genetic factors associated with anthelmintic resistant against haemonchosis in small ruminant. PhD Thesis. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh (Co-supervisor)

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