September 25, 2016

Faculty of Fisheries

Faculty of Fisheries




Message from Dean

The Faculty of Fisheries, CVASU started its journey on January 1, 2013. The establishment of this faculty was initiated a motive of “Center for excellence in fisheries education” across the country. The faculty is currently run with five departments namely Dept. of Fish Biology & Biotechnology, Dept. of Aquaculture, Dept. of Fisheries Resources Management, Dept. of Marine Bio-resources Science and Dept. of Fishing & Post Harvest Technology. To produce the competent and potent graduates as well as to maximize research interests in national and international levels are the basic objectives of this faculty. Despite being the youngest member of fisheries education in Bangladesh, this faculty has introduced some unique programs including the launching of first ever internship program in the history of the country. The offered fisheries program under this faculty has become too special of having an easy access in all kinds of water resources (fresh water, brackish water and marine water) for research and practical knowledge. The faculty is furnished with 14 highly skilled academicians, 5 sophisticated laboratories, 1 unique fish museum, 1 farm-based campus and a much enriched research station in Cox’s-bazar near the Bay of Bengal.

Being a dean, I just can’t ignore the contributions of Lab technicians, Lab Attendants, Office Stuff and MLSS of the faculty. I personally have strong belief that the graduates of this faculty will be enough capable to bring the prosperity of Bangladesh in terms of blue economy and self-dependency in animal protein demand of the people. I do strongly believe that the students of this faculty will successfully undergo in any national and international research oriented activities. It is a pleasure to inform that the faculty will implement Master’s program under the five departments from the next year.

The course curricula of this faculty in both graduation and post-graduation level are highly updated with the current burning issues across the globe. These curricula were developed by the cooperation of renowned academicians, researchers and scientists of both national and international levels. The faculty is lucky enough to have collaborations with different national and international universities and organizations.

I wish every success of this faculty.


Professor Dr. Mohammed Nurul Absar Khan

Faculty of Fisheries

Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University

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