August 24, 2016

Mr. Md. Akhtar-Uz-Zaman

Mr. Md. Akhtar-Uz-Zaman


Department of Dairy and Poultry Science,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Mobile: +8801912505340


Name of Examination Branch/Subject Board/University Session of passing Division/Class
Bachelor (Hons) ) Agricultural science (Animal Husbandry)-4 years Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymenshingh 1985-1986 2nd
MSc Poultry science Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymenshingh 1986-1987 1st
MSc Rural Poultry production and
The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark 2001-2002 passed

Journal Publications

1) M.M. Rahman, M.R. Islam, M.M.Rahman, M.A. Zaman and M.A. Malek (1992). Feeding system of large ruminants in Bangladesh. A.J.A.S. Vol 5 (No-2) 349-355

2) M.A.Zaman, M.M.Rahman,M.A Rahman Howlider, Q.M.E .Haque and M.M.Rahman (1996). Effect of dietary protein on the production characteristics of Japanese Quail. BV. Vol. 13 (1-2):17-21.

 3) M.A. Zaman, M.M. Rahman, M.R. Islam, M.M.Rahman(1996). Feeding practices of  large ruminants in Bangladesh. BV Vol 13(1-2) 27-28.

4) K.S.Haque, A.M.M.Tareque and M.A.Zaman. (1997). Chemical analysis of nutritive value of fruit wastes. Bang.Vet.J.Vol 31 (1-2).

5) M.A.Majid, M.A.Zaman, A.J.Talukdar and M.S.Ali (1999). Body weight and body measurement of Black Bengal goat in the Savar area of Dhaka district. BV16(1): 47-48.

6) M.A.Zaman and M.A.Rouf.(1999). Effect of season , age, parity, farming condition and month on service per conception. Bang.J.An.Sc.28 (1-2):65-71.

7) M.A.Zaman and M.M.Rahman.(2003). Available feeds and the quantities fed to the large ruminants in different areas of Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. 3 (10)898-902.

8) M.A.Zaman, P.Sorensen and M.A.R.Howlider. (2002). Egg production performance of a breed and three cross breeds of chicken under semi-scavenging system of management. Livestock Research and Rural Development. 16(8) 2004 (

9) M.A.Zaman, S.Ahmed and B.C. Sutradhar (2005).Study on the egg quality of a breed and three crossbreds at various Ages under Semi scavenging System of production. of Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences.8(2): 211-214

10) M.A.Zaman and M.A.Rouf. (2007). Influence of season and month on first service conception rate of Cattle. Journal of Science Foundation. 5 (1): 55-58.

11) M.A.Zaman and M.J Alam (2008) Study on first service conception rate of cows influenced by Age, Parity and Farming condition. Bangladesh Journal of Progressive  Science and Technology.5(2): 425 - 428

12) M.A.Hossain, M.A. Zaman and M.J.Alam (2007).Study on Nutritional Value of ready made broiler feeds collected from different feed mills. Journal of the Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University.2(1): 88 - 92

13) M.A.Zaman, G.C.Chanda, N.C.Debnath and K.A.Fattah (2008).Study on different farm sizes of Sonali hens cross breeds of RIR and Fayoumi under semi-scavenging system.Worlds Poultry Science Journal. Book of abstract  Vol. 64 Supplement 2. page- 314. (Full text in CD)

14) G.C.Chanda, M.A.Zaman, N.C. Debnath and K.A.Fattah. (2008).To determine the suitable stock density of birds under Model breeder of Bangladesh Poultry Model. Worlds Poultry Science Journal. Book of Abstract.Vol.46.Supplement 2 page- 401.(Full text in CD)

15) M.A.Zaman, M.R Karim and F.I. Rume (2008).Study on the performances of different broiler strains under Bangladesh condition. Bangladesh Journal of Progressive  Science and Technology Vol.6  No.2 (Accepted)

16) M.A.Zaman, P.Sorensen, M.R Karim and F.I. Rume (2008).Study on the Laying rate and Cost-benefit ratio of Semi-scavenging hens fed with different levels of Supplementary feed. Vol.1 Issue 1. page: 38- 46 (On line journal:

Professional Training

1) Feed Resources training program

2) Research Planning and Evaluation

3) Statistical Methods for Agricultural Research.

4) Feed Resources Training Program

Research Activities

1) Supervision of  research based MSc. students

2) Supervision of  Internship students

3) Principal Investigator of  research projects.

Professional Activities

Research delegate at international poultry conference/ Congress/seminars :

1) World’s Poultry Congress, Australia /2008,

2) Asia Pacific Poultry Conference,  Thailand/2007,

3) International Poultry Conference, Egypt/2005,

4) World’s Poultry Congress, Turkey/2004,

5) International network for family poultry development , Dhaka/2002

6) Australian Poultry Science Symposium, 2014                                                                 

7) Australian Poultry Science Symposium, 2016


1) World’s Poultry Science Association-BB

2) Bangladesh Animal Husbandry Association

3) Bangladesh Livestock Society

4) Krishibid Institution, Bangladesh


Research Consultnat Service

1) NGOs and poultry farms


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