December 29, 2016

Mr. Mohammad Sadequr Rahman Khan

Mr. Mohammad Sadequr Rahman Khan

Assistant Professor

Department of Marine Bio-resources Science,
Faculty of Fisheries,
Mobile : 01723229101


Mohammad SadequrRahmanhas received his BSc Fisheries (Hons.) and Masters of Science in Fisheries Management degree from Bangladesh Agricultural University with distinguished merit position. He joined as Lecturer in the dept. of Fisheries management and then in the dept. of Marine Bioresources Science at 2013.  He was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2015 and then was appointed as Head of the Dep. of Marine Bioresources Science. He got prestigious University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS) 2016 for his PhD research on evolution of viviparity in sea stars.

Mr. Khanhas experience in various fields, viz. analyzing water quality parameters, evaluation of production performance of fisheries organisms, Microsatellite and RAPD marker based molecular work, collection of data on aquaculture trends and report writing based on field survey, ecology of coastal and marine organisms. In his PhD research, he will apply micro-computed tomography, confocal microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and transcriptomic to understand morphology of viviparous sea star. Heis enthusiastic to build his career as a researcher in the field marine biology & ecology, conservation biology and evolution of marine organisms.

Educational Qualification

Name of the Degree

Name of University

Year of Passing Division/ Grade Marks Obtained/ CGPA/ (percentage)

University of Sydney

2016-20 - Ongoing
M.S. in Fisheries Management Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 2008-09 A
(Merit- 1st)
(out of 4.0)
B.Sc.Fisheries (Hons.) Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 2004-08 A
(Merit- 3rd)
(out of 4.0)

Published Articles

1) Khan, S. R., H. Akter, N. Sultana, M. G. Q. Khan, M. A. Wahab and M. S. Alam, 2014. Genetic diversity in three river populations of the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachiumrosenbergii) in Bangladesh assessed by microsatellite DNA markers. International Journal of Agriculture & Biology. 16(1): 195‒200.

2) Pervin, M. A. Wahab, K. Fatema and M. S. R. Khan. 2012. Effects of addition of Mola at different densities on production of giant freshwater prawn. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University. 10(1): 163-167.

3) Fatema, M. A. Wahab, R. Pervin, M. S. R. Khan and H. C. Roy. 2011. Comparison of growth and production performance between male and female Giant Freshwater prawn in combination with mola. Journal of Environmental Science & Natural Resources, 4(2): 137-142.

4) ShirinAkter, Shirin Sultana, Mohammad SadequrRahman Khan, MdNahiduzzaman, Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain and MdSamsulAlam. 2010. Genetic Characterization of Critically Endangered Puntiussarana (Hamilton) and the Exotic Barbonymusgonionotus(Bleeker) (Cyprinidae: Cypriniformes) by DNA Fingerprinting. J. BioSci. Agriculture and Technology. 2(3): 21-27.

5) M. Kamal, M. S. R. Khan, S M Galib, M. D. G. Nahar and M. R. Haque. 2010. Comparison of plankton communities among freshwater prawn post larvae rearing ponds. Int. J. BioRes. 1(5): 21-26.

6) M. Kamal, M. S. R. Khan, S. M. S. Rahman, M. R. Haque and M. A. Wahab. 2010. Comparison of growth performance of freshwater prawn post larvae collected from three coastal rivers of Bangladesh. J. Environ. Sci. & Natural Resources, 3(1): 97-100.

Published Abstract

1) Mohammad Khan, Michael B. Thompson, Maria Byrne and Camilla Whittington. 2016. Evolution of maternal fetal relationships in matrotrophic viviparous invertebrate: Parvulastraparvivipara and Cryptasterinahystera as model organisms. Australian and New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Conference held from 2-4 December 2016 at Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment & SSH. Western Sydney University. Australia.

2) M.S.R. Khan, M. Faisal, M. M. Zahangir, S.A. A. Nahid, M.N. A. Khan. 2015. Improvement of culture technique of soft shelled mud crab. Sixth biennial fisheries conference and research fair 2010. Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3) M. S. R. Khan, S. Akter, M. A. Wahab and M. S. Alam. 2010. Identification of better stock of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachiumrosenbergii through evaluation of production performance and genetic characterization. Fourth biennial fisheries conference and research fair 2010. Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

4) S. Akter, M. S. R. Khan, M. S. Alam and M. A. R. Hossain. 2010. Genetic characterization of critically endangered Puntiussarana (Hamilton) by DNA fingerprinting. Fourth biennial fisheries conference and research fair 2010. Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

5) Alam, M. S., M. S. R. Khan, S. M. S. Rahman, M. Nahiduzzaman, S. Akter, M. A. Wahab and D.C. Little. 2009. Population genetic structure of three riverine populations of the Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachiumrosenbergii revealed by Microsatellite DNA markers. National workshop on Freshwater prawn farming in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 25-27.

Professional Experience

Institute Duration
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Marine Bioresources Science, CVASU Mar 2015 to till
Head, Dept. of Marine Bioresources Science, CVASU Apr 2015 to Feb 2016
Lecturer, Dept. of Marine Bioresources Science, CVASU Jan 2013 to Feb 2015
Senior Officer, Sonali Bank Limited Jan 2012 to Dec 2012
Project Officer (Fisheries), AKOTA, PFP Shiree project Apr 2011 to Jul 2011
Research Assistant, SEAT project, BAU, Mymensingh Sep 2009 to Sep 2010
Research Assistant, DelPHE, BAU, Mymensingh Jul 2008 to Sep 2009

Seminar amd Workshop Attended

1) 3D microscopy techniques workshop held at 5th April 2016, CPC centre, University of Sydney.

2) A seminar on “Horizon 2020, from lab to the market: Cooperation on Research and Innovation between EU and Bangladesh” held on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at the Auditorium, Chittagong Club Limited (CCL), Bangladesh Organized by European Union Bangladesh in partnership with Chittagong Independent University.

3) Consultation Workshop on Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Resources Management: Present Status and Development Strategies, Bangladesh Naval Academy, Chittagong at 6th September 2014, arranged by Marine Fisheries Office, DoF, Chittagong.

4) Sixth Biennial Fisheries Conference and Research Fair, 2014 arranged by Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum, Bangladesh held on 26-27 April in Bangladesh Agricultural Research Centre (BARC), Dhaka, Bangladesh

5) Eleventh Annual Scientific Conference, 2014. Theme: Emerging Challenges in Food, Health and Environment at 6th March 2014 in BGMEA Auditorium, Chittagong, organized by Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Khulshi, Chittagong-4225.

Research Interest

Marine biology, marine ecology, water quality management, evolutionary biology.

PhD Research Topics

Evolution of maternal-fetal relationship in matrotrophic viviparous sea star

Masters Research Topics

Identification of better stock of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachiumrosenbergii through evaluation of production performance and genetic characterization


EME-101 Estuarine and Marine Ecology 1st year, 2nd semester
MBI-201 Marine Biology 2nd year, 1st semester
FOC-202 Fisheries Oceanography 2nd year, 2nd semester

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