October 16, 2016

Ms. Ferdusee Akter

Ms. Ferdusee Akter

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
Faculty of Food Science and Technology,
Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Chittagong-4225, Bangladesh
Mobile: +88001712382840
PABX: 88-031659093 Ext. 212
E-mail: ferdusee2008@gmail.com


Ferdusee Akter received her B.Sc.(Hons.) and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is doing M.phil. in the Department of Mathematics, Chittagong University of Engineering  and Technology.

She joined as a lecturer in   Dept. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences under Faculty of Food Science and Technology in 2010. She has served as Assistant professor and Head of the department from January, 2013 to till now. She has interested in research in the areas of Computational Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation, Fluid Mechanics, Statistics.

Journal Publications

1) K. N. Sharmin, F. Akter, S. M. S. Shahriar, A. Farzin and M. M. Iqbal, “Study on nutritional status in type-2 diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease”, Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Vol: 1(1&2): pp 11-22; 2012

2) Akther, S. M. S. Shahriar, F. Akter, S. Morshed and M. N. Islam, “Study on Chemical Composition of Fresh Mymensingh and Barishal Hog-plum (Spondius mangifera) and Developed Leather and Jelly and Sensory Evaluation”, Journal of Environmental Science & Natural Resources; Vol: 5(2): pp 29-36; 2012, Bangladesh.

3) M.K. Alam, M.M. Hoque, S.Morshed, F.Akter and K.N.Sharmin. “Evaluation of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Juice Preserved with Chemical Preservatives at Refrigeration Temperature”, Journal of Scientific Research. 2013; 5(2):407-414.

4) M. S. Shahriar1,*, S. Akther2, F. Akter3, S. Morshed1, M. K. Alam2, I. Saha3, M. A. Halim4, M. M. Hassan5. “Concentration of Copper and Lead in Market Milk and Milk Products of Bangladesh”. International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy; Vol:8 (2014): pp56-63,

5) A. Sultana, R. Parvin, M.K.Alam, F. Akter, M.A. Halim. “Physio chemical, functional properties and storage characterizes of jackfruit seed flour”, Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Vol: 3(1&2): pp 20-24; 2015

Articles Published in Proceedings of Conferences

1) Ferdusee Akter, Ujjwal Kumar Deb, “Mathematical Modeling of Two Phase Flow Using Galerkin Method”, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mathematics and Its Applications, pp. 26-29, Mathematics Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh, 23rd December, 2015.



MTH-101: Mathematics-I

MTH-102: Mathematic-II



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