October 6, 2016

Ms. Shireen Akther

Ms. Shireen Akther

Assistant Professor

Department of Food Processing and Engineering,
Faculty of Food Science and Technology,
Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Chittagong-4225, Bangladesh
Phone : 031-659093/659492-3
E-mail: shireen_cvasu@yahoo.com



Shireen Akther has completed B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and MS in Food Engineering from the department of Food Technology and Rural Industries, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh.

She has joined as a lecture in the dept. of Food Processing and Engineering, CVASU in March, 2011. Now she holds the position of Assistant Professor in the same  department.

Journal Publications

1) S. Akther, S. M. S. Shahriar, F. Akter, S. Morshed and M. N. Islam. Study on Chemical Composition of Fresh Mymensingh and Barishal Hog-plum (Spondius mangifera) and Developed Leather and Jelly and Sensory Evaluation. J of Environmetal Science & Natural Resources, 2012; 5(2): 29-36.

2) S. M. S. Shahriar, M. N. Islam, S. Akther, M. K. Islam and M. M. Ali. Evaluation of Toxic effect of transition metal complexes on biochemical parameters in Swiss albino mice. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 2012; 1(1&2): 41-53.

3) S. Morshed, M. K. Alam, A. Begum, S. M. S. Shahriar, K. N. Sharmin and S. Akther. Physicochemical properties and chemical constituents of oil from joan seed (Trachyspermum ammi L). Journal of Environmental Science and Natural Resource. 2012; 5(2): 15-21.

4) G. B. Das, A. Ahad, M. E. Hossain, M. A. Akbar, S. Akther, A. Mahmood. Effect of different oil supplements on humoral immune response and lipid profile in commercial broiler. Pakistan Veterinary Journal. 2014; 34(2): 229-233.

5) J. S. Jothi, M. Islam, M. S. Islam, M. R. T. Rahman, S. Akther. Development and shelf-life prediction of pineapple (Ananas comosus) preserve and candy. International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research. 2014; 10 (1): 77-82.

6) S. M. S. Shahriar, S. Akther, F. Akter, S. Morshed, M.K. Alam, I. Saha, M. A. Halim, M. M. Hassan. 2014, Concentrtion of Copper and Lead in Market Milk and Milk Products of Bangladesh, International letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, 8(1):56-58


Research Interest

Shireen Akther finds her interest in the field of food engineering, food processing, post-harvest technology, Natural preservatives, Bio preservation of food.

 In particular:

To detect the presence of heavy metals.

To estimate the level of heavy metals.

Kinetics of drying

New product developments and their further research.



FFE-102: Fundamentals of Food Engineering.

TFP-201: Technology of Food preservations.

UFP-201: Unit Operations in Food Processing.

PDL-202:Food Plants Design, Layout and Management

CLT-202: Cereal and Legume Technology

FVP-301: Technology of Fruits and Vegetables products.

FPT-301: Fish Processing Technology.

FBT-301: Food Biotechnology.

RAP-401: Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Food Processing


FMD-501: Food Machinery Design.

ADE-501: Advanced Dairy Engineering.

NST_501: Novel separation Techniques.

AUP_502: Advanced Unit Operations in Process and Food Engineering.

NFP-502: Novel Food Processing Techniques.

RLF_502: Risk Assessment and International Food Legislations.

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