October 20, 2016

Office of the Chief Engineer

Office of the Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer



Message from Head
Charter of Duties
Description of Jobs

Civil Construction, Gas, Water, Sanitary and Drainage Services


Procurement of all Civil related Works, Goods and Services.


1) Building Construction Works.

2) Establishment of Drainage System, Gas Line, Water Tank, Water Line etc.

Maintenance/ Repairing Works:

1) Building Modification/Repairing.

2) Painting

3) Sanitary Item Repairing/ Replacing.

4) Plumbing Item Repairing/ Replacing.

5) Gas Line Repairing.

6) Water Line Repairing.

7) Water Tank Cleaning.

8) Drainage System Maintenance.

9) Wooden and Steel Furniture/ Structure Repairing/ Servicing.

10) Internal Road Repairing/Construction.

11) Grill Fencing, Barbed Wire Fencing etc.

12) Deep Tube-well Works.

13) Aluminum Door, Window etc. Repairing.

Routine Works:

1) Sanitary Works.

2) Plumbing Works.

Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Services


Procurement of all Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Works, Goods and Services.


1) Concealed Conduit Wiring (Electrical and Telephone cable) of different Administrative and Academic Buildings (Offices, Laboratories, Classrooms, and Conference Room etc.), Auditorium, Student Halls, Institutes, Residential buildings etc.

2) Installation and Commissioning of Substation Equipments (HT & LT Switchgear, PFI Plant etc.), LT line, PABX Exchange, Generator, Lifts, CCTV, Solar System, Fire Protection etc.

Maintenance/ Repairing Works:

1) Electrical Wiring.

2) Light, Fan, Switch, Circuit Breaker etc. Checking/ Replacing.

3) Air Cooler/ Air Conditioner Repairing/ Servicing.

4) Refrigerator, Deep Freezer Repairing/ Servicing.

5) PABX Servicing.

6) BTCL Telephone Servicing.

7) LT line Repairing.

8) Electrical Repairing Works at Students Hall (Male & Female), Academic & Administrative Buildings, Institutes, Residential Area.

9) Water Supply Pump, magnetic Contactor etc. Repairing/ Servicing.

10) Scientific/ Laboratory Electronics Equipments Repairing/ Servicing.

11) Office Electronics Equipment (Photocopier, Television etc.) Repairing/ Servicing.

12) CCTV Camera Repairing/ Servicing.

 Routine Works:

1) Water Pump Operation.

2) Generator Operation.

3) Streetlight Operation.

4) Monthly Electric Billing.