October 19, 2016

Office of the Librarian

Office of the Librarian

The Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Central Library was established in 1995 along with the Chittagong Government Veterinary college. In 2006 the government transferred Chittagong Government Veterinary College into Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. The Library acts as the prime source of information for both academic and research needs. The Central Library generally manages knowledge both in print and digital formats, ensures seamless discovery and access to these scholarly resources and provides it to the University patrons. It provides high-quality ambiance for both reflective and collaborative work and study. To ensure effective and efficient information services to the patrons, CVASU Central Library has introduced state of the art automation technology using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It is moving forward to make the University as a center of excellence providing world class library and Information services.

Library Hours


9:00 AM to 8:00 PM




Message from Librarian

Welcome to the CVASU Central Library websites. I hope your virtual visit will be successful and productive. CVASU central library is committed to serve its patrons with the core mission of fulfilling information needs of the university and to provide it considering changing environments. Our resources, services facilities and support staff is always ready to support you in learning, teaching, research and also to meet your recreational information need.

We are striving to make the Library a comfortable and welcoming place to study and to make your life-long learning partners. We are also continually working to improve users' information literacy skills. Please take time to explore and discover the range of high quality resources, services and facilities on offer. The Library staff are here to help you and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have. We would be happy to hear from you.



Md. Habibur Rahman


Mission, Vision & Objectives


We meet the changing needs of the library and its users by developing innovative solutions, practices, and services in an environment that supports flexibility, collaboration, and openness to new ideas and practices, and forward thinking.


A leading information and resource center in provision and dissemination of information for learning and research.


To support the research, teaching, learning and administrative activities of the University; by selecting, organizing, maintaining and providing access to high-quality information resources of diverse formats within and without the university. To provide an appropriate and conducive environment, and facilities for the use of Library resources, and for individual and group study.

General Rules

1) The Library user shall not engage in audible conversation in any part of the Library;

2) A person shall not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to the Library;

3) A person responsible for any damage caused by him / her to the books or any other property belonging to the Library, shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon him/her by the Librarian;

4) The Library staff  will check all personal belongings including Library books issued to a member;

5) Personal book(s) shall not be allowed inside the Library. Please leave them at the counter;

6) Use of mobile phone in the Library is prohibited;

7) The reader should check the books before borrowing to ensure that these are not damaged. If a book is found to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise he/she shall be held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books;

8) Smoking, eating and spitting in the library is prohibited.

9) Membership privileges of a user can be suspended on account of misbehavior with the Library staff or for indecent manners.

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