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Dr. Mohammed Nurul Absar Khan
Professor and Dean
Faculty of Fisheries

The Faculty of Fisheries, CVASU started its glorious journey on January 1, 2013. The establishment of this faculty was initiated on a motive of “strive for excellence in fisheries education” across the country. The faculty is currently comprises with five departments. To produce the competent and potent graduates as well as to maximize research interests in national and international levels are the basic objectives of this faculty. Despite being one of the youngest member of fisheries education in Bangladesh, this faculty has introduced some unique programs including the launching of first ever internship program in the history of the country including one month in abroad. The offered fisheries program under this faculty has become too special of having an easy access in all kinds of water resources for research and practical knowledge. The faculty is enriched with five sophisticated laboratories, one unique fish museum, one farm-based campus at hathajari, chittagong and a marine station at Cox’s Bazar adjacent to the Bay of Bengal.

Being a dean, I personally have strong belief that the graduates of this faculty is enough capable to bring the prosperity of Bangladesh in terms of blue economy and self-dependency in healthy animal protein demand of the people. I do strongly believe that the students of this faculty will successfully undergo in any national and international research oriented activities. The faculty is offering Master’s degree under the five departments from January, 2017.

The course curricula of this faculty in both graduation and post-graduation levels are highly updated with the current burning issues across the globe.

I hope the faculty will reach its deemed destination in immediate future.



To discover and disseminate new knowledge about the culture, biology, physiology, breeding and genetic improvement of fish and other aquatic animals having commercial and recreational importance.

  1. To develop skilled manpower for the development of aquaculture in  freshwater, brackish and marine environment.
  2. To equip students with advanced knowledge, modern approaches and analytical techniques of aquatic resources management for the welfare of the nation.
  3. Produce quality graduates to take the lead in fisheries sector through their acheived knowledge on modern fishing, handling, processing, preservation as well as quality and safety aspects of fish and fishery products.
  4. To create new research era in brackish and marine zone especially in the Bay of Bengal.
  5. To create and maintain collaboration with different national and  international organizations.

Overview of the Five Departments:

Fish Biology and Biotechnology: The department of fish biology and biotechnology deals with the basic genetics and its principles in terms of the need of fisheries sector. The department is focused to make the students skilled about the artificial breeding of different commercially important fish species practically. The overall hatchery management and implication of molecular level technology are also the principal coverage of this department.

Aquaculture: The primary objective of this department is to inform the students about different conventional and sophisticated culture techniques of different fish and fish related commercial organisms such as crustaceans, mollusks, seaweeds. To equip the students about the overall disease management in the farming systems are also a prime concern of this department. The department is also focused on practical field wise implication of different cultural techniques of commercial organisms. Live feed culture, cost effective feed formulation and commercial farm design and construction are covered under this department.

Marine Bio-resources Science: The establishment of this department has created a new horizon in fisheries education in Bangladesh. This department is mainly concerned about the sustainable marine water management techniques. To disperse the knowledge of different oceanographic terms and the pollution of oceanic environment among the students are a vital task of this department. The management of coastal and estuarine ecosystem is also an important assignment of this department.

Fisheries Resources Management: This department is primarily concerned with the open water fisheries resources management of the country. The students will be efficient in the sustainable fisheries management by learning in practical knowledge. The department also makes the students skilled in ecological studies, biodiversity conservation and stock assessment of the fisheries resources in Bangladesh.

Fishing and Post-Harvest Technology: This department will make the students equipped with modern fishing, handling, processing, preservation as well as the quality and safety aspects of fish and fishery products. The department is also helpful for the students to learn about value addition in fish and fish related products.


Course Overview for the degree of B. Sc. in Fisheries (Hon’s):


Credit Offered

Fish Biology and Biotechnology




Fisheries Resources Management


Marine Bio-resources Science


Fishing & Post Harvest Technology


Other Departments




Total Credits



Ms. Chumki Chanda
Section Officer (C.C)


Md. Tarequl Islam
Office Asst. Cum-Computer Typist

Md. Nura Alam
Office Attendant

Ashok Das
Laboratory Attendant


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