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We help to create a healthier, nutritionally sound, zero hunger, and safer future through the science of food and nutrition. With internationally acclaimed research and a global reputation for excellence, this is the place to make a difference - and you can be part of it.


Department of Applied Food Science and Nutrition is one of the most zestful departments under the Faculty of Food Science and Technology of Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU). The Department is currently situated on the 4th Floor of the beautiful Yousuf Chowdhury Building, Main Campus, CVASU. It offers different courses at undergraduate level (B.Sc. Hons. in Food Science and Technology) and M.Sc. in Applied Human Nutrition and dietetics degree, which mainly focused on the interrelation between Food and nutrition, Nutrition in lifecycle, Balance diet, Nutrition Security, Malnutrition, Nutraceuticals products development, Nutrigenomics and Public Health. 

The Department’s programs emphasize theory, as well as the application of theoretical knowledge and technology. This is accomplished through research in the community as well as in the laboratory. Involvement in professional supervised practice and community activities strengthens the application of theoretical knowledge. The department also played an important role in nutrition advocacy, training programs in various fields of nutrition and food science for the development of trained manpower, monitoring and analysis of nutritional problems, and in the evaluation of the intervention programs.

The department has a group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. They are experienced in different disciplines, such as Food Science, Clinical Nutrition, Applied Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Social Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Nutrition Planning, and Nutritional Biochemistry.


In collaboration with community and organization, the mission of the Department of Applied Food Science and Nutrition is to empower students through knowledge, skills, and practical experience to become qualified professionals in the fields of dietetics, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, applied nutrition, and food sciences so that they may serve a diverse society and expand the knowledge base of these disciplines through applied research.


  • To equip students with knowledge and skill in conducting the nutritional assessment, intervention, management of critical nutritional disorders through proper nutrition.
  • To ignite the minds of the students towards high-quality research in Human Nutrition and Food Science by supporting the faculty involved in such pursuits.
  • To offer courses of global standards.


  • Applied Food Science and  Nutrition Laboratory: This laboratory is located on the 4th floor of the 'Yousuf Chowdhury Building' of CVASU main campus where practical classes of undergraduate were taken place. This laboratory provides  Nutritional assessment services as well as biochemical parameters testing. This laboratory possesses different pieces of equipment and devices including- Microscope, Stadiometer, Infantometer, Digital weight scale, Dryer, Skinfold Calipers, Sahli’s Hemoglobinometer, Haemocytometer, Sphygmomanometer Stethoscope, Moisture analyzer, etc.
  • Functional Food Analysis and Human Nutrition Laboratory: This laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated machinery and postgraduate students usually work there. It possesses Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), Biochemistry analyzer, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Automated Protein Analyzer machine for analysis of developed Nutraceutical products and diagnosis of different clinical diseases. It is located on the3rd floor of the Extension Building, CVASU main campus.

Carrier Opportunities

The Department of Applied Food Science and Nutrition offers curricula and professional development for students pursuing careers as nutritionists, dietitians, clinical and therapeutic nutritionist. Employment occurs in community settings, educational institutions, hospitals,  government agencies, Food industries, National and International NGOs. Upon completion of the curricula, students are prepared to pursue professional positions or various advanced degrees.


Mohammad Mozibul Haque
Assistant Professor and Head

Ms. Kazi Nazira Sharmin
Associate Professor

Ms. Ayesha Begum
Associate Professor

Md. Altaf Hossain
Associate Professor

Ms. Nilufa Yeasmin
Associate Professor

Ms. Taslima Ahmed
Assistant Professor


Shopna Alam
Assistant Technical officer


Rahima Akter
Senior Office Asst. Cum-Computer Typist

Chameli Dhar
Laboratory Attendant


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