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CVASU aims to create opportunities for higher education and research at the national level. It is also looking forward to develop technology by producing graduates of international standards. The Faculty of Food Science and Technology hereby in CVASU was established in 2009 with 35 students. The mission of this faculty is to produce graduates who are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required in the field of food science and technology. The curriculum is designed for the appropriate selection, preservation, processing, packaging, and distribution of high-quality foods. With the rapidly expanding world population, the demand for healthy and convenient food is increasing day by day. However, well-trained food scientists and researchers might play an active role in ensuring safe and nutritious food to consumers. The implementation of the Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition (IFSN) plan, at Hathazari Research and Farm Based Campus, CVASU will march forward to produce most competent food science graduates. The graduates will receive extensive hands-on trainings, research facilities in food industry-based pilot plants. Therefore, it is expected that our best graduates will serve the nation through technological advancement and economic prosperity, that might ensure food safety and security in Bangladesh.

Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition (IFSN)


The Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition (IFSN) is an independent institute affiliated with a modern university structure, the Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU). The IFSN is aiming to become a leading institute in Bangladesh in Food Science, Food Processing, and Preservation sector including supporting from the field level to overall food safety and security surveillance. The institute will integrate higher education, research opportunities, and innovation of technology at the national level through the creation of international quality up-to-date graduates.

Establishment of an educational, research, and training institute for food science graduates, community services, and stakeholders.

1) Organizing research and educational facilities for undergraduate, MS, and Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology.

2) Continuous development and effective delivery of the curriculum by the active participation of the stakeholders of the food industry.
3) To extend their hands-on food studies by providing training in business and management skills (all training is based on the newest available knowledge and research results).
4) Reinforce institutional links for research collaboration, and higher education both nationally and internationally.

Objectives of IFSN :

The primary objectives are:

1. To achieve academic excellence in the field of Food Science and Technology.

2. To develop particular student interests and skills with the support from teaching staff experienced at the forefront of food research.

3. Offering a MS degree leading to a Ph.D. in different aspects of food safety and nutrition sciences.

4. To achieve international recognition through teaching, research, and community services.

5. To provide hands-on training to graduates as well as industry personnel and stakeholders.

6. To produce and supply high-quality food products to consumers with better management and production services.

Objectives of IFSN :

Specific Activities of IFSN :

1. Develop and conduct academic activities with an advanced curriculum related to Food Science and Technology.

2. Conducting different training modules focusing on Food Science and Technology.

3. Conducting multidisciplinary research and extension programs targeting Food Safety and Nutrition.

4. Facilitation of linkages between local and foreign academicians, foreign institutions, agencies, organizations, and industries.

5. Identify immediate research needs for Food Safety and Security.

Machinery Placement Outline Agro. Processing Unit-1

Machinery Placement Outline Agro. Processing Unit-2

Machinery Placement Outline Agro. Processing Unit-3

Present Scenario of the Infrastructure

Present Scenario of the Preservation Unit

Future perspective of IFSN

Some of the striking points to be emerged from the Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition. Students/Trainees would be able-

1. To design and develop value-added food products with varying ingredients.

2. To develop novel or improved technologies for food processing, preservation, and storage.

3. To conduct research on food color texture and flavor improvement.

4. To develop food standards and product specifications, safety, and sanitary regulations.

5. To inspect food processing areas to ensure compliance with government regulations and standards for sanitation, safety, and quality standards.

6. To minimize post-harvest losses of raw materials from plant, animal, and marine sources through novel food processing techniques and preservation methods.

7. To design, develop, and modify different food processing equipment and machinery.


Dr. Shireen Akther
Professor and Director