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The Department of Medicine and Surgery (DMS) is one of the largest departments within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, providing quality education to undergraduate and postgraduate students, clinical services through the teaching veterinary hospital(s) and mobile/satellite clinics, and conducting need-based research in departmental labs (Medicine, Surgery, Theriogenology, and Epidemiology), as well as in collaboration with national and international collaborators. The DMS started its journey from the former Chittagong Government Veterinary College (CGVC) in 1999. In 2006, the CGVC had upgraded into Chittagong (Currently Chattogram) Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU). The department currently has 17 faculty members, 56 MS students (Medicine 30, Surgery 09, Theriogenology 06 and Epidemiology 11), 3 PhD students, 01 officer and 06 stuffs. The medicine and Surgery Department is located in a unique building named Clinical Building on the left side of the University’s main gate.


  • The department will be the centre of excellence of education in the state–of–art clinical veterinary medicine among the South–East Asia
  • To provide high-quality veterinary medical care and client services for the people of Bangladesh.


  • To provide undergraduate and postgraduate education in the veterinary clinical discipline and develop leadership in the field of veterinary science.
  • To facilitate research activities for diagnosing, preventing and treating various diseases of both food and pet animals.
  • To provide high-quality veterinary services to the people of the Chattogram region and referral services all over the country. 
  • To disseminate the research knowledge among the stack–holders of livestock through workshops and seminars.


Dr. Pankaj Chakraborty
Professor and Head
Department of Medicine and Surgery



Description of courses under the Department of Medicine and Surgery

Undergraduate courses

The DMS offers 39 credits in undergraduate level through four different units; Medicine, Surgery, Theriogenology and Epidemiology. Medicine unit offers 10 courses with 22 credits:

Third year first semester

  • Course code: FCM- 301 Course Title: Fundamental of Clinical Medicine (Theory + Practical) Credits: (1+1)

Third year second semester

  • Course code: GPD-302 Course Title: General Medicine and Production Diseases (Theory+ Practical) Credits: (2+1)
  • Course Code: GLS-302 Course Title: General surgery, lameness and soundness (Theory + Practical) Credits: (2+1)

Fourth year first semester

  • Course Code: AOS-401 Course Title: Anesthesiology and operative surgery (Theory + Practical) Credits: (2+1)
  • Course code: GOB-401 Course Title: Gynaecology and Obstetrics (Theory+ Practical) Credits: (2+1)
  • Course code: AVM – 401 (T) Course title: Avian Medicine (Theory) Credits: 1
  • Course code: FAM-401 Course title: Farm Animal Medicine-I (Theory+ Practical) Credits: (2+1)
  • Course code: PVM-401 Course Title: Preventive Veterinary Medicine-I (Theory) Credits: 2
  • Course code: VEP-401 Course Title: Veterinary Epidemiology (Theory + Practical) Credits: (1+1)

Fourth year first semester

  • Course Code: CSI- 402 Course Title: Clinical surgery and imaging (Practical)    Credits: 1
  • Course code: ACA-402 Course title: Andrology and Clinical AI (Theory + Practical) Credits: (1+1)
  • Course code: FAM-402 Course title: Farm Animal Medicine-II (Theory + Practical) Credits: (2+1)
  • Course Code: PAM-402 Course Title: Pet and Companion Animal Medicine (Theory + Practical) Credits:(1+1)
  • Course code: ZWM – 402 Course title: Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine (Theory+ Practical) Credits:(2+1)

MS courses

The department provides MS degree in Medicine/ Surgery/ Theriogenology / Epidemiology in three semesters (2 theory and practical courses + 1 research). The courses’ codes in January-June Semester (601) of MS in Medicine are FAM, VED, AVM, ZOM, PDD, CLM and July-December Semester (602) FAM, ZWM, FBT, FAM, PAM and SEM. The courses’ codes in January-June Semester (601) of MS in Surgery are LAS, LAA, DIT, ORS, ACS, JWL and July December Semester (602) SAS, SAA, OPS, LAA, ACS, LMR. MS in Theriogenology offers the courses: AOB, RDS, AMI, TAI, AIT, RDH in January-June Semester (601) and AGY, RHM, ARB, CTH, TRB, PUM in July December Semester (602). The courses’ codes in January-June Semester (601) of MS in Epidemiology are PTE, REM, STC, AEP, EED, EDM and July-December Semester (602) ASE, POH, RAP, GMT, RPM, AHE. 





Md Abdul Matin Prodhan
Professor (retd)

Suchandan Sikder
Associate Professor (Suspension)


Mr. Md. Jalal Uddin
Senior Technical Officer


Md. Motaher Hossain
Office Asst. Cum-Computer Typist

Swapan Kumar Barman
Senior Lab Attendant

Md. Shahed
Senior Lab Attendant

Md. Mohiuddin
Senior Lab Attendant